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Hello there! We’re Easy Spa Parts—your home for Premium Brands including Dimension One (D1) among many others. Take a quick look around and you’ll notice two things: it’s simple to find the perfect part, accessory or spa cover, and we can help you troubleshoot and repair most D1 Spa problems quickly. At Easy Spa Parts, we’re more than technicians. We’re hot tub enthusiasts like you! And our goal? Well, that’s simple—to get you back in your spa. With 70 years of “under the hood” technical expertise, we know hot tubs. We’ve built a stellar reputation sharing our knowledge and passion with spa owners and we’ll do all we can to help you get the most out of your investment.

Quality Hot Tub Parts Create a Memorable Spa Experience

A great spa experience is easy to recognize—intensely hot water, rejuvenating massage and a relaxed, soothing environment. Memorable spas all have one thing in common—premium parts. 

When results matter, quality = performance. It’s simple really. Start with a premium part and your hot tub will deliver every time you soak. 

We’ll help you secure top of the line hot tub parts to create the memorable spa experience you deserve.

The Bottom Line When Choosing a Quality Spa Part – Reliability Matters

Part specifications are only part of the equation. With all hot tubs, there are three basic types of parts: mechanical, utility and maintenance. Mechanical parts keep your hot tub running. They’re vital, with defined specifications that never change. Specs matter, and choosing an alternative part that doesn’t match your hot tub model may affect its ability to perform.

Knowing the specs behind your part is only part of finding a quality part, you still need to consider consistency and reliability. The good news? Every D1 hot tub part we carry meets or exceeds spa manufacturer standards.

Buy with confidence through Easy Spa Parts. Decades of experience make the Easy Spa Parts team ready to get the job done! We’re happy to help diagnose a problem and walk you through our DIY repair tips so you can get your spa working quickly and with the least amount of downtime possible.

Stop Fiddling With Your Spa, and Start Enjoying It More

When you invest in a gorgeous spa, you expect it to last. And while the shell and frame typically do, parts will need to be replaced. Even with regular maintenance and the best care, hot tubs will occasionally require replacement parts. Whether it’s a simple repair or a larger, more complex issue, Easy Spa Parts can help you get your spa running again.

With a huge selection of hot tub parts and accessories, our Brands makes it simple to keep your spa looking and running at peak performance. And, when you spend less time fixing problems, there’s more time to enjoy your investment. 

Spa ownership is about relaxation and fun. All of our Brands offers a stunning line of luxury pillows for making your time in the water even more enjoyable. Replace older, sun damaged pillows with gorgeous, modern prints and change the look and feel of your spa instantly!

Hot Tub Spa Parts – Industry Leading Quality You Can Trust

Our premium variety of brands has earned a reputation with spa enthusiasts for quality craftsmanship. We recognize this achievement, and that’s why we’re excited to offer hot tub parts and spa replacement parts for major spas brands. In fact, we currently offer the largest selection online for original D1 spa parts anywhere!

If you’re looking for an original heater, new filter or a replacement part, we’re likely to have it! With the best selection and largest collection of premium parts, we proudly stand behind the durability and timeless quality of all our brands.

Original Hot Tub and Spa Replacement Parts – Maintenance, Heaters, Covers and More

At Easy Spa Parts, we understand the need for reliable, long-lasting parts across every category, from maintenance to heating, to the cover you place on top of your spa.

For hassle-free maintenance, we carry original hot tub filters for many of our brands. We also have Vision Cartridges, featuring the original 6-month formulation, awesome at eliminating unwanted bacteria growth in your water.  Ozone systems, Jets, heaters, and ‘guaranteed-fit’ covers.

Control panels, jet pumps, circulation pumps and must-have accessories – original to the spa – are available and in-stock. 

Your Trusted Resource and Partner in Hot Tub Parts

At Easy Spa Parts, our passion for hot tubs and spas guides everything we do. We’re connecting people with the parts they need, to enjoy the spa they love—and we’re proud to do it. 

After decades in business, we’ve also become a trusted resource, and partner for many brands. Whether we’re helping you navigate a complex part, talking you through changing out a pump or just chatting about water care, we do it because we love it.

We’re proud of our collection of more than 20 information-packed videos, and 70 step-by-step troubleshooting and repair guides

From simple questions to detailed, technically heavy repairs, we’re always ready to help and dedicated to offering you everything you’ll need to own and operate a fantastic spa.

We invite you to browse our site and look forward to hearing from you should you ever need additional information. (866) 418-1840 toll-free in the US.

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