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  • 01710-131

    Dimension One Flow Switch – 01710-131

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01560-79

    D1 Spa Temperature Sensor – 01560-79

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01560-1002

    D1 Spas High Limit Sensor – 01560-1002

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01710-130

    Dimension One Flow Switch Assembly – 01710-130

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 6560-961

    Dimension One Flow Switch Assembly 6560-961, 2015+

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01710-132

    Dimension One Flow Sensor Tee – 01710-132

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 6560-394

    Pressure Switch 6560-394

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01710-510

    Massage Sequencer Fuse – 01710-510

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01560-79YU

    Temperature Sensor – Y Pack 2015+ – 01560-79YU

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01710-138

    Temp Sensor / Flow Switch Assembly – 01710-138

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01515-04

    D1 Spas Len Gordon Pressure Switch – 01515-04 (NLA use 6560-394)

    Brand: Read more
  • 01560-1003

    MSPA Transformer – 01560-1003

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 6000-025

    25 Amp Pump Fuse

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01710-0011

    Main Transformer Fuse – 01710-0011

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 72493 Watkins® Temp Sensor”Thermistor 3/8

    Brand: , Add to cart
  • 01560-88

    Massage Sequencer Transformer 120V, 01560-88 (1999 through 2014)

    Brand: Add to cart

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How do you know if a hot tub fuse is blown?

Recognizing the signs of a blown hot tub fuse is crucial to maintain the safe operation of your spa. Here are key warning signs to help you identify if you have a blown hot tub fuse.

  • Power failure: The most prominent indicator of a primary fuse failure is a lack of power to the hot tub.
  • Inactive controls: Non-responsive control panels or buttons suggest a potential blown fuse.
  • Malfunctioning components: If pumps, heaters, or other electrical parts stop functioning, a blown fuse may be the culprit.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: Check for a tripped breaker in the electrical panel, signaling a possible blown fuse in the hot tub’s circuit board.
  • Visual inspection: Inspect the fuse visually for a burnt or broken piece.

How do I choose the right hot tub fuses for my spa?

Choosing the right hot tub fuse involves considering factors like amperage, voltage, and fuse type. Common varieties include glass-tube and cartridge fuses. Check your hot tub’s manual or existing fuse for specifications, noting the correct amperage and voltage ratings. Glass-tube fuses are often used for lower-amperage applications, while cartridge fuses suit higher-amperage needs.

Always replace a blown fuse with the same type and rating to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your spa’s electrical components.

Where can you buy high-quality hot tub fuses?

For high-quality hot tub fuses, look no further than Easy Spa Parts. We specialize in top-notch spa components and carry a comprehensive selection of fuses, including those from trusted brands like Dimension One Spas and Balboa Water Group. With a commitment to quality, Easy Spa Parts ensures you find the correct fuses for your hot tub, providing peace of mind for uninterrupted relaxation.

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