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Hot Tub Diverter Valves

Upgrade your relaxation with a hot tub diverter valve for ultimate water and air control. Shop for premium diverter valve replacements and top-quality parts to enhance your spa experience. Find the perfect diverter valve for your hot tub and order now for seamless functionality.

  • Image Of 10-2100WHT__18633

    10-2100*INVALID* Air Control 1′

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  • 10-2100WHT Balboa® HydroAir® Air Control

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  • 10-2310GRY Balboa/ITT® Slimline Air Control1″

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  • 10-3560 Bullfrog® Suction Design Pro X Series PVC

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  • 10-3600BRN Balboa® External Standard Fit w/o Nut (Brown)

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  • 10-5050WHT Balboa® Jet Assembly with 3-Port Valve Butterfly (White)

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  • 1044101HS Caldera Spas® Ozone Check Valve 7 -1256-03

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  • 11-4000GRY Balboa® HydroAir®Diverter Valve 3-Way Valve

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  • 11-9200GRY Balboa® HydroAir® Air Injector High Output

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  • 1212243 Balboa® Impeller 1.5 Horse Power

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  • 1215021 Balboa®Wet End Vico™ Ultimax™ 1.0 Horse Power

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  • 1215121 Balboa® Wet End Vico™ Ultima™ 1.5 Horse Power

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  • 30240U- Balboa® Spa Suction Cover (White)

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  • 309193 Jacuzzi® Diverter Handle Kit Top Access J-220

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What is the purpose of a hot tub diverter valve?

A hot tub diverter valve controls the water flow within your spa. Diverter valves redirect the water to specific areas or components of your tub, such as the spa jets, water features, or different seating zones, to optimize your experience. There are also air diverter valves for hot tubs to direct the airflow within your spa. 

By adjusting these valves, you can change the water or air pressure and distribution to tailor it to your personal preferences. A properly functioning diverter valve ensures water passes through the spa filters efficiently, optimizing filtration and maintaining water clarity.

What are the signs of a broken hot tub diverter valve?

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s crucial to shop for a tub diverter valve replacement to maintain the overall functionality of your spa and prevent further damage.

  • Difficulty redirecting water flow: A broken diverter valve may make it challenging to adjust water direction or cause water to flow only from one side.
  • Inadequate pressure in spa jets: If your jets lack pressure, this can also indicate a diverter valve malfunction, affecting water distribution.
  • Leaks around the valve: Visible leaks near the diverter valve suggest there might be some damage, compromising the tub’s efficiency.
  • Unusual noises: Strange sounds during water redirection may indicate internal damage, signaling the need for a tub diverter valve replacement.
  • Reduced water temperature: If certain areas of your tub experience a drop in water temperature, it may indicate a faulty diverter valve, affecting the overall heating process.

What should you do if the hot tub diverter valve fails?

When facing issues with a malfunctioning hot tub diverter valve, start troubleshooting by checking for visible leaks or obstructions. Ensure the valve is properly aligned and not stuck. Test each setting to identify specific malfunctions, such as inadequate pressure or water flow. If problems continue, consult your hot tub manual for support or contact a technician to diagnose and address any issues.

How do you replace a hot tub diverter valve?

To replace a hot tub diverter valve, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off the spa power so that water is not actively flowing through the spa plumbing
  2. Locate the valve and take the cap off of the diverter.
  3. Unbolt or unscrew the old diverter valve and remove it from the spa plumbing.
  4. Place the new diverter valve into the plumbing, securing it in place with bolts or screws.
  5. Attach the plumbing back to the new valve, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.

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