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Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals

Guarantee clean and clear water every time you dip into your hot tub with our premium hot tub chemicals. Our spa chemicals are an essential part of hot tub sanitation and water care, ensuring your oasis is a place of rejuvenation and revitalization, away from stress and tension. Order your essential hot tub chemicals now for a clean, relaxing, and blissful spa experience.

  • 76029 Watkins® Vanish Act Calcium Remover0

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  • 80000 Freshwater® Spa Salt

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  • Frog @Ease Cartridge 3-Pack for Floating System

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  • Frog @Ease Floating Sanitizer System

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  • Stop Leak- 8oz

    Leak Repair, Stop Leak, 8 oz

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  • Leisure Time Foam Down Defoamer – 16 oz

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  • 01781-16Y-A

    D1 Spa UltraPure Ozone Generator – 01781-16Y-A

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  • WC-6X

    Natural Spa Enzymes – WC-6X

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  • WC-TS

    3-Way Chlorine / Bromine Test Strips – WC-TS

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  • WC-13

    Pre-Filter – WC-13

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What chemicals do you need for a hot tub?

To maintain cleanliness and sanitation, you’ll need some essential chemicals for a hot tub. Together, these spa chemicals will prevent bacteria and algae from building up in the water, ensuring a clean and enjoyable soak.

  • Sanitizer: Chemicals, such as chlorine or bromine, will kill any bacteria in the water.
  • Test strips: Use test strips for hot tub troubleshooting to determine what chemicals the water needs.
  • pH balancers: Increasers and decreasers help maintain the spa’s chemistry. pH increasers should be used when the pH level is low, meaning it’s too acidic. pH decreasers should be used when the tub’s water has high alkaline levels.
  • Alkalinity increaser: This chemical should be used when the water has low alkalinity levels. It can also help stabilize pH levels.
  • Shock treatment: Chlorine shock treatments eliminate contaminants, kill bacteria, and reboot the hot tub’s sanitizers.
  • Calcium hardness increaser: This spa chemical is essential to raise calcium levels when the hot tub water is too soft.
  • Scale control: This spa chemical helps prevent scaling and calcium from building up in hard water areas, keeping a polished appearance for your hot tub.

A well-maintained hot tub provides a relaxing escape. Order these chemicals now from Easy Spa Parts to enjoy your hot tub worry-free.

How often should you treat a hot tub with chemicals?

Consistency is key when treating a hot tub with chemicals. Hot tub water should be tested two or three times a week; check the pH levels and add any balancers and increasers if necessary. It’s best to use sanitizers and shock treatments weekly. Hot tub filters used to remove dirt and debris must be regularly cleaned and replaced annually.

Why is it important to use spa chemicals?

Spa chemicals are important for proper sanitation, safety, and overall hot tub performance. Applying the necessary spa chemicals to your hot tub helps keep the water clean and free from bacteria. Regular maintenance also prevents corrosion in the plumbing and calcium buildup, extending the tub’s lifespan and making your experience more enjoyable.

How do you use chemicals for a hot tub?

Before treating a hot tub with chemicals, test the water to measure the pH, alkalinity, sanitizer, and calcium levels. After you test the water, use chemicals for the hot tub accordingly. Here are some general recommendations:

  • Add chemicals one at a time, starting with pH balancers and an alkalinity increaser. 
  • Wait at least 20 minutes before using a different chemical. 
  • Add a sanitizer and then a calcium hardness increaser if necessary. 
  • Keep your spa jets running to help dissolve the chemicals quickly before adding the next one.

Where do you buy hot tub chemicals?

Wondering where to buy hot tub chemicals? Shop Easy Spa Parts to purchase essential hot tub chemicals and other premium replacement parts and accessories, such as spa pumps, heaters, and circuit boards. Stop worrying about unclean waters and order today.

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