Natural Spa Enzymes – WC-6X



We like this so much, we put our name on the bottle!

Now 6x’s more concentrated than our previous formula. Spa Maintain is a natural enzyme solution, comes in a compact 16 oz bottle and is so concentrated it can flush your spa’s plumbing and then treat your water for the next 5 months. More effective than similar enzyme products at about of 20% the price.

100% Biodegradable
“Breaks down” and converts oils and lotions into CO2.
Simplifies water maintenance.

Weekly Maintenance – Just add 1 tablespoon weekly and run jets for 20 minutes. Then add spa shock and run jets another 10 minutes. Leave spa cover open for 60 minutes total.

To Flush your spa, add 2/3 cup, (5 ounces), run jets for 30 minutes. Drain, clean and refill. It’s as “Easy” as that.

Reduces the use of sanitizer and shock.
Reduces foaming.
Helps keep filters clean.

Safe for people, pets and plants.

Manufacturer: Dimension One Spas®

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