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Hot Tub Plumbing Parts

Improve and maintain your spa with our comprehensive selection of hot tub plumbing parts. Find everything you need for efficient spa plumbing, from essential fittings to specialized pipes and hoses. Explore our spa plumbing parts to ensure optimal water circulation, airflow, and performance. Order today for seamless repairs and upgrades.

  • 0121109025

    0121109025 Split Nut, Pump, 2.5″

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  • 0412-20 Slice Valve, Magic, 2.0S X 2.0SPG, Uni-Body

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  • 1 1/2″ X 2″ Union Adapter 3320604

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  • Image Of 10-2100WHT__18633

    10-2100*INVALID* Air Control 1′

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  • 10-2100WHT Balboa® HydroAir® Air Control

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  • 10-2200WHT Balboa® 1/2″ Air Control White

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  • 10-2310GRY Balboa/ITT® Slimline Air Control1″

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  • 10-2310WHT Balboa/Hydro-Air® Air Control

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  • 10-2585 Bullfrog® Weir Door 2009-2012

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  • 10-2780 Bullfrog® On/Off Valve

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  • 10-2920 Bullfrog® Jet Pack O-Ring

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  • 10-2921 Bullfrog® Jet Pack O-Ring

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  • 10-2952

    10-2952 Bullfrog® Weir Door Kit Black

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  • 10-3320WHT Balboa® Extended NPT Wall Fitting Assembly Standard

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What plumbing parts do I need for a hot tub?

Specific hot tub plumbing parts vary depending on your tub’s make and model. Common plumbing parts include:

  • PVC pipes: PVC pipes help connect various tub components and are essential for water circulation.
  • Manifolds: This part distributes water to different areas of the tub, maintaining even water flow.
  • Spa skimmers: Skimmers remove debris and other contaminants from the water, ensuring a clean spa.
  • Valves and check valves: Regulate water flow and ensure that hot tub jets function properly.
  • Unions: Facilitate the disassembly of plumbing parts as pipe connectors.
  • Hot tub fittings: Fittings direct water through the plumbing system by securing connections between various parts. 

Easy Spa Parts offers an extensive selection of hot tub plumbing fittings and other spa components to meet all your specific needs. If you suspect any issues with your spa, conduct a thorough round of hot tub troubleshooting to pinpoint and address the problem.

Are hot tub plumbing parts compatible?

It’s crucial to check your spa’s make and model since certain hot tub plumbing parts are designed for specific brands. Not all spa plumbing parts are created equal, so ensure that the dimensions, thread sizes, and other specifications match the requirements of your hot tub. Some hot tub plumbing fittings and other components are designed to be more universal and can work with various spas. However, you should still verify compatibility.

Seek advice from a hot tub manufacturer or technician for further guidance on the most suitable parts and types of plumbing for your hot tub. It’s important to check that all your plumbing parts are compatible with your hot tub to avoid leaks, malfunctions, or other issues in the plumbing system.

How much do hot tub plumbing parts cost?

The costs of plumbing parts can vary significantly depending on the specific components you need, the brand, and the materials used. It’s essential to identify the make and model of your hot tub, check warranties, and compare prices to find high-quality and affordable hot tub plumbing parts. 

Different electrical parts for hot tubs, such as control panels, pumps, and lighting systems, can also vary in price, so be sure to understand what component is needed before making a purchase. Explore our extensive selection of plumbing parts to discover the perfect hot tub solution tailored to your requirements.

Do spa plumbing parts need to be replaced?

Yes, spa plumbing parts may need to be replaced due to various factors. Hot tub plumbing parts can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years or more, depending on proper care and maintenance. 

Unusual noises, such as humming or grinding from the hot tub motor or pump, can signify damage. Leaks, changes in water flow, or corrosion also indicate that the spa’s plumbing parts need repairs. 

Adhering to proper cleaning methods can extend the longevity of your hot tub and ensure that it works properly.

What is a hot tub manifold?

A hot tub manifold is an important spa plumbing part that distributes water among the spa jets. It acts as a central hub, directing water flow to ensure each jet receives its intended supply. This balanced distribution enhances the overall hydrotherapy experience, optimizing pressure and promoting relaxation. A well-functioning manifold for a hot tub contributes to efficient water circulation, preventing uneven heating and promoting a consistently enjoyable soak. 

Ultimately, upgrading or repairing your spa manifold is essential for maintaining peak performance and ensuring a satisfying and rejuvenating hot tub soak.

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