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Hot Tub Cover Lifts & Lifters

Take the hassle out of opening and closing your hot tub with a hot tub cover lift. Cover lifts make removing the cover from your hot tub easy, so you can quickly raise the cover by yourself. A good hot tub cover lifter is a must for any at-home spa.

  • SS60.1

    SS60.1 Spa Steps Espresso

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  • SS60.2

    SS60.2 Spa Steps Gray

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  • SS60.3

    SS60.3 Spa Steps Black

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  • 03100-00

    E-Z Cover Lifter – Up to 8′ Spas – 03100-00

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    CoverMate III (CM-3) D1 Spa Cover Lifter (CMIII-EX-BX)

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  • 03100-08

    X-Lg Spa Cover – EZ Lifter – 03100-08

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  • WC-WS

    Wind Straps – WC-WS

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  • Spa Cover - CS7

    Cover Shield 7′ x 7′

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  • Spa Cover - CS8

    Cover Shield 8′ x 8′

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  • WC-303

    WC-303 Dimension One®303 Vinyl Protectant

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  • 01512-CB

    Camlock Safety Clips – Black 4-Pack 1512-CB

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  • 03100-01

    E-Z Lifter Mounting Block – 03100-01 2-Pack (CBMBKT)

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  • 03100-02

    E-Z Lifter Mounting Triangle – 03100-02

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How does a hot tub cover lift work?

Hot tub cover lifts make it easier to raise hot tub covers, reducing the risk of damaging the cover or injuring yourself. As such, using a lifter can help extend the life of your cover. A spa cover lifter also lets you quickly access your hot tub when you want to take a dip.

Manual lifts provide leverage, allowing you to quickly remove your hot tub cover, while hydraulic lifts use pressure created by hydraulic fluid to lift your spa cover.

Is a hot tub cover lifter worth buying?

A hot tub cover lifter is one of the best spa parts and accessories you can invest in for several reasons. This includes:

  • Easy to operate: A good hot tub cover lifter makes it easy to take your cover off when you want to relax in your hot tub. With a hydraulic lifter, you can remove your cover and start enjoying your spa and hot tub pillows in no time.
  • Extended life: Using a spa cover lifter can extend the life of your hot tub cover by minimizing the likelihood of damage due to incorrect removal.

Solo cover removal: With a spa cover lifter, you can remove the hot tub cover even when you don’t have anyone around to help.

How do you install a hot tub cover lift?

Hot tub cover lifters typically attach to one end of your hot tub, allowing you to raise and remove your cover effortlessly. The installation process is designed to be quick and easy, so you can start using your spa cover lift as soon as possible. Keep in mind that installation instructions will vary depending on the lifter you choose, so consider installation when shopping for a hot tub cover lift.

What types of hot tub cover lifters are available?

Like hot tub filters, there are several types of hot tub cover lifters to choose from. Selecting the right spa cover lift can enhance your enjoyment and relaxation. 

Here are a few types of hot tub cover lifts to consider:


  • Standard: Standard lifts require manual lifting, but they provide leverage that makes removing your hot tub cover easier.
  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic lifts use hydraulic pressure to help you remove the hot tub cover.
  • Automated: Automated lifters remove your hot tub cover with the press of a button.

What is the best hot tub cover lift?

There are several hot tub cover lift varieties and models to choose from, so it’s important to do your research. However, you can’t go wrong with a standard lift if you’re looking for something simple. For added convenience, try a hydraulic or automated lift. 

From cover lifters to chemicals for hot tub maintenance, ensuring you choose high-quality products for your hot tub helps you get the most out of it. Find the best hot tub parts and accessories at Easy Spa Parts today. 

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