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Hot Tub Lights & Lighting

Explore our extensive collection of hot tub lights and transform your spa into an illuminated oasis. Create the perfect ambiance with elegant lights, colored lenses, or energy-efficient LED lighting. Shop our hot tub lighting options and order top-quality lights or find replacement parts with ease. Elevate your spa experience today.

  • 10226 Balboa® Topside Control Bulb Backlighting

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  • 1782-1012

    1782-1012 Light Cord, D1 Extra Long Cord

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  • 21089 Balboa® Spa Light Assembly without Lens

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  • 400-18B-KIT

    400-18B-KIT Domed Deco Lens Kit

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  • 55-1205 Bullfrog® Light Lens Housing Assembly

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  • 6560-382

    6560-382 in.lu.me Spyder Cable 2 LED

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  • 6560-383

    6560-383 in.lu.me Spyder Cable 4 LED

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  • 6560-420

    6560-420 Light, LED Multi-Color, (All LCD & 06/05+LED Spas)

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  • 6560-899

    6560-899 SFX/CFX/LFX 3/4” Through Fitting Lens Assy

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  • 6560-963B @home CFX/LFX Lens with Oring

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  • 72508 CalderaSpas®Multi Color LED Light (2002 To Current)

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  • 72509 Watkins® LED BLUELIGHT SPAGLO 02-08

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  • 73185 CalderaSpas®LED Light Module 2002 – Current Spa Glo

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  • 73370HS Watkins® Light Lens 3-1/4 Fa”

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  • 74007 CalderaSpas®Light Lens Assembly (2002 – 2008) SpaGlo

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  • 74879HS CalderaSpas® Multizone Led Controller Kit

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How do you install hot tub lights?

Installing lighting for a hot tub enhances your spa experience. Here’s how you can install your own spa lights: 

  1. Ensure that your hot tub lights are compatible with your specific tub model and that you turn off the power before installing. 
  2. Next, find your light fixture, which may involve removing a panel or accessing the interior through a designated area. 
  3. Remove the old light fixture and carefully disconnect any wires if installing a hot tub light replacement. 
  4. Connect your new lights by attaching the cables and ensuring a waterproof seal.
  5. After you attach the new lights, test them out and turn the power back on to enjoy your new upgrade.

Is it easy to replace hot tub lights?

Replacing the lights for a hot tub can be straightforward, depending on the issue and your comfort level with electrical work. Typically, light bulbs can be easily changed if your spa has a user-friendly design with easy access to the light fixtures. Many lights come with plug-and-play features or clear and detailed instructions to follow. 

However, replacing your spa lights may be more difficult if complex wiring is involved or if you have an older hot tub model. Seek professional assistance if you need help replacing your hot tub lights. 

When should you replace hot tub lights?

It’s best to change your hot tub lights if you notice dim, flickering, or burned-out bulbs. Over time, hot tub lighting can fade or suffer from wear and tear, which indicates it’s time to start looking for light replacements. Another sign your lights need to be replaced is if you notice water inside the light fixture or any signs of leakage, which can lead to electrical issues and safety hazards. 

If you’re upgrading your spa accessories, like adding new hot tub speakers or pillows, consider replacing your lighting to enhance the overall aesthetic. Easy Spa Parts offers support with hot tub troubleshooting for routine maintenance and can help you determine when to replace your hot tub lights. 

How much do hot tub replacement parts cost?

Hot tub light replacement parts can range from $20 to $100, depending on the brand, quality, and model of your spa. LED lighting or specific color-changing lights are typically more expensive. Regardless, Easy Spa Parts is the go-to store for high-quality replacement parts and distinctive accessories to upgrade your hot tub experience.

How can you control your hot tub lighting?

To control your lighting, locate the hot tub control panel and find the dedicated buttons for your lights. Depending on the control panel, you can turn the lights on and off, adjust the brightness, or change the colors. Easy Spa Parts sells a wide range of control panels that offer multiple settings for all your spa accessories.

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