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Hot Tub Circulation Pumps

Witness optimal water flow, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance with a hot tub circulation pump. Dive into our selection of reliable circulating pumps to keep your hot tub water crystal clear and perfectly heated. Explore the best in spa circulation pump technology–your relaxation upgrade starts here!

  • 02093000-2010 Aqua-Flo®Circulation Pump Circ Master CMHP -115V

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  • 02093001-2010 Aqua-Flo®Circulation Pump Circ Master – 230V

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  • 02593000-2010

    02593000-2010 Aqua-Flo® Circulation Pump 1/15 Horse Power 115 Volts – Center Discharge

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  • 1011081

    1011081 Balboa®Pump Vico WOW 0.75 Horse Power 115 Volts 7 Amp

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  • 1030056 Balboa® Spa Circulation Vico Ultima 0.25 Horse Power 230 Volts 48 Frame 1.05 Amp No Longer Available

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  • 1050031 Balboa® Pump WOW® 0.5 Horse Power 115 Volts 10 Frame 5.5 Amp

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  • 1050032

    1050032 Balboa® Pump WOW® 0.75 Horse Power 115 Volts 7.5 Amp

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  • 1051057

    1051057 Balboa® WOW 1 Horse Power 115 Volts 15 Frame 9.0 Amp

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  • 3312610-14v

    3312610-14 Waterway® Tiny Might Circulation Pump 115 Volts

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  • 6000-125NA

    6000-125NA Grundfos Circulation Pump, 230V

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  • 6500-460NA

    6500-460NA Circulation Pump, Jacuzzi, Retrofit for Laing 115V

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  • 73979 Laing E10 Circulation Pump – 3/4″ 230 Volts

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  • 73989 Laing Circulation Pump E-10 115 Volts, 3/4″

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  • 74079

    74079, E10 Circulation Pump Laing 230V, 1 inch

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  • 74427 Circulation Pump Laing E-5

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  • Balboa® Circulation Pump 115 Volts 1.6 Amp, 98811-049

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What is the purpose of a spa circulation pump?

A spa circulation pump is often an additional component in hot tubs that works with the Ozonator, ensuring a continuous flow of water through the filtration system to maintain cleanliness and prevent bacterial or algae growth. Various spas also require a circulation pump as the primary pump that heats the spa water.

Many hot tubs use a jet pump to move water through the filters and heat the spa. However, when the hot tub is not in use, the stagnant water provides the perfect environment for bacteria growth. A hot tub circulation pump as part of an ozone system addresses this by keeping the water moving 24/7, even when it is not being used.

Several spa manufacturers utilize a circulation pump as the primary pump that circulates water through the heater, making a circulation pump an essential component for spa operation. If your spa heats with a circulation pump, you will need to replace the faulty part as soon as it fails in order for the spa to continue to operate correctly.

How long do hot tub circulation pumps last?

A hot tub circulation pump often lasts 5 to 7 years, although some may last longer. However, these pumps may not last as long if you don’t maintain the correct chemical balance in your water. Corrosion can cause significant problems, impacting the effectiveness of spa circulating pumps.

Do you need a circulation pump for a hot tub?

If your spa uses a circulation pump for heat, it is a required part of your system, and for the spa to operate, it must be replaced if it fails. In cases where a spa uses a circulation pump as part of the ozone system, a hot tub doesn’t necessarily require the replacement of an ozone circulation pump, as the jet pumps are designed to circulate and heat water efficiently. However, the ozone system cannot operate correctly until the circulation pump is replaced.   

Ultimately, a circulation pump has many advantages. For example, its smaller size and low power result in energy savings, while the consistent circulation ensures water quality and an even water temperature throughout the hot tub. A hot tub circulation pump also helps distribute water chemicals, ensuring uniform and effective treatment.

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