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Hot Tub Pumps & Spa Motors

Hot tub pumps help circulate water in your spa or tub, allowing your water filter and spa jets to function correctly. After years of use, these pumps and motors can start to wear down. If it’s time to upgrade your hot tub motor, check out our selection of replacement pumps and motors.

  • 02093000-2010 Aqua-Flo®Circulation Pump Circ Master CMHP -115V

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  • 02093001-2010 Aqua-Flo®Circulation Pump Circ Master – 230V

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  • 02107000-1010 Aqua Flo FMHP Pump 0.75 HP, 2 Speed, 48FR, 1.5″, 115V

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  • 02115000-1010

    02115000-1010 Aqua Flo FMHP Pump 1.5 HP, 2 Speed, 48FR, 1.5″, 115V

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  • 02120000-1010

    02120000-1010 AquaFlo® Pump 2Spd

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  • 02593000-2010

    02593000-2010 Aqua-Flo® Circulation Pump 1/15 Horse Power 115 Volts – Center Discharge

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  • 02615005-1010B

    02615005-1010B Flowmaster FMCP 1.5 HP 230 Volt Pump 6.8/2.5 Amps

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  • 02620000-1010B

    02620000-1010B Flowmaster FMCP 2.0 HP 230 Volt Pump 8.4/3 Amps

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  • 0800-390005 Gecko Maelstrom FMXP2E 2.0 HP 56 Frame Pump

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  • 3420610-1A

    1.5 Horse Power Waterway®2 Speed Pump Executive 115V 3420610-1AB

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  • 1011081

    1011081 Balboa®Pump Vico WOW 0.75 Horse Power 115 Volts 7 Amp

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  • 1015017

    1015017 Balboa® 2-Speed Pump Vico Ultima 2 HP 230 Volts 10.5 Amp

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  • 1016170

    1016170 Balboa® 2-Speed Pump Vico Ultimax 3 HP 230 Volts 56 Frame

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  • 1016176

    1016176 Balboa®Spa Pump Vico Ultimax 2 Horse Power 230 Volts 6.5 Amp

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  • 1016204

    1016204 Balboa®2-Speed Pump Vico Ultimax 2 HP 230 Volts 8.8/3.0 Amp (1016131B)

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  • 1030056 Balboa® Spa Circulation Vico Ultima 0.25 Horse Power 230 Volts 48 Frame 1.05 Amp No Longer Available

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How long does a hot tub pump last?

A hot tub pump is one of the longest-lasting parts in your hot tub, with a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years. Like hot tub heaters, you don’t have to replace your pump nearly as often as you have to replace the filter. 

However, hot tub pumps may not last as long if you don’t maintain the correct chemical balance in your water. Corrosion can cause significant problems, impacting the effectiveness of spa pumps.

How do you choose the correct pump for my hot tub?

Whether you’re looking for a hot tub cover or a replacement hot tub pump, you need to choose parts that are compatible with your tub. Finding the correct hot tub motor replacement for your tub is simple when you shop at Easy Spa Parts.

When you click on a product, you can see a list of all the compatible hot tubs. Look for your tub model and year on the list to order the appropriate part.

How much does a new spa pump cost?

Hot tub pumps cost more than smaller hot tub parts that need to be replaced often. At Easy Spa Parts, you can find hot tub pumps starting at $150. However, some of our more powerful hot tub pumps cost more than $300. 

The cost of your replacement spa pump depends on your hot tub model and the horsepower, volts, and amps required. Choosing the right spa pump is essential if you want your hot tub jets and filter to work correctly.

How long should a hot tub pump stay on?

Generally, you should only run your hot tub pump for approximately three hours each day. Running your hot tub pump too frequently can cause it to wear out prematurely, meaning you have to spend money on a replacement pump sooner rather than later. Treating your water, running the hot tub pump correctly, and cleaning your water filter regularly can help you extend the life of your pump and increase the longevity of several other electronic parts.

How do you know if a hot tub pump is working correctly?

Hot tub pumps are usually quiet, so it can be hard to tell if your pump works. However, if you hear a very light noise when you put your ear close to your pump, it’s likely working. If you hear a gurgling or grinding sound, there may be an issue with your pump. When you notice strange sounds coming from your hot tub pump, it’s usually time for a replacement.

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