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Miscellaneous Hot Tub Accessories

Discover enhanced comfort, entertainment, and convenience with hot tub accessories. Explore a wide range of outdoor accessories, such as durable covers, efficient filters, comfortable pillows, and quality lights, to transform your spa oasis. These accessories for hot tubs will elevate your spa experience to the next level. Dive in now for unmatched relaxation and effortless maintenance.

  • 01790-10

    01790-10 Pin Cup Spas 2004+

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  • 45310 Leisure Time® Replenish Oxidizer Shock 2lbs

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  • 6000-185

    6000-185 Pump Shaft Seal

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  • 6540-258 Sundance® Spas Intelli-Jet Bearing

    Brand: , Add to cart
  • 72961 CalderaSpas® Devcon Repair Kit

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  • 73248HS CalderaSpas® Stand PipeWatkins®

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  • 74134HS CalderaSpas® Nipple Bleedline 1/4 White HotSpring®

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  • 76117 Watkins® LED Lens Includes Nut

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  • Placeholder


    Custom Adapter Plate AP163B

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  • 71325HS

    Freshwater Silver Ion Mineral Sanitizer – Hot Spring 71325

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  • LG15W Len Gordon® Air Button Complete #15 (White)

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  • X241054

    X241054 Master Spas® Industry NutG.G.

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  • X241055

    X241055 Master Spas® 5-inch Spacer Ring

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  • X241056

    X241056 Master Spas® Gasket 5″

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  • X243020

    X243020 Master Spas® Ozone Flange Nut

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  • X619400 Master Spas® Booster Seat, Spa Essentials | Spa Parts Experts

    X619400 Master Spas Booster Seat

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What hot tub accessories do I need?

Hot tub accessories enhance your overall experience and help you maintain your spa. While specific accessories depend on personal preferences and desired features, consider these must-have  additions:


  • Hot tub pillows: Make your hot tub extra comfortable with spa pillows. Enjoy continued peace and relaxation with the right cushion.
  • Spa covers and lifters: Keep debris out of your spa water, prevent heat loss, and reduce energy consumption with a hot tub cover. A lifter makes it more convenient to enter the hot tub and helps reduce cover damage. 
  • Hot tub lights: Illuminate your spa and add hot tub lights for ambiance and nighttime use.
  • Filters: Use hot tub filters to trap debris and keep the water free of contaminants. Filters should be regularly cleaned to maintain water quality and prevent damage to the pump and heater.
  • Spa chemicals and test strips: Maintain proper water quality with spa chemicals like chlorine or bromine. Use test strips to ensure water chemistry for a safe and enjoyable spa experience. What types of hot tub accessories can I buy?

With a wide range of hot tub accessories available at Easy Spa Parts, you can enhance your spa experience with comfort and entertainment. Try out our spa pillows for added relaxation and support. Add music to your tub environment with hot tub speakers designed to withstand water exposure and deliver high-quality sound. Additionally, discover our various lighting options for an elevated hot tub ambiance.

How do I choose the right accessories for a hot tub?

Consider individual preferences, specific needs, and the make and model of your spa when choosing accessories for a hot tub. Take note of the dimensions of your hot tub, ensuring that accessories, such as covers and filters, will fit the size and design. Verifying the compatibility of accessories with your spa’s make and model is essential.

Whether you’re looking for comfort, entertainment, or convenience, outdoor spa accessories will maximize the enjoyment and relaxation elements of your spa.

Where can I buy quality spa accessories?

Easy Spa Parts is the go-to destination for spa accessories. We offer a wide range of accessories for hot tubs, prioritizing quality and compatibility with various makes and models. Navigate through an extensive collection of outdoor spa accessories and find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Whether you need reliable hot tub covers and convenient lifters, innovative lights, high-quality speakers, or comfortable headrests, Easy Spa Parts has you covered

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