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Hot Tub Control Systems and Spa Packs

Hot Tub Control Systems – We have a huge selection of spas replacement complete control systems that would work for many makes and models. Fast Service, Live Help, Advice. Same Day Shipping. Low Prices on D1 Spa Parts. Shop now!

  • 01782-1000

    S-Class Lower Control Pack – 01782-1000 (No Longer Available – See Description for Replacement)

    Brand: Read more
  • 01782-1000Y6

    Dimension One Control Pack – 01782-1000Y6 (See Replacement in Description)

    Brand: Read more
  • G6405

    G6405 Balboa® Kit BP7 Bundle Kit w/TP500 4.0 kW (1-2 Pumps)

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 6600-519

    D1 Lower Control Pack 6600-519, Bay/Reflections 2015+

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 76838 CalderaSpas® Control Box Advent Eagle (software required)

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 6600-536

    Dimension One @Home Lower Control 2015+, 6600-536

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  • 76856

    76856 CalderaSpas® Control Box Vacanza Hawk

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  • 01735-0003

    M-Class Lower Control Pack w/ Heater No Longer Available

    Brand: Read more
  • 01510-3000

    M-Class Control Pack – 01510-3000

    Brand: Read more
  • 76840HS

    76840HS Hawk Control Box Watkins®

    Brand: Add to cart
  • X300732 Master Spas Control System MS50U

    Brand: Add to cart
  • Balboa Control System No Topside BP100G2, G4311

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  • G6406-Remote Heater Balboa®Control System BP7 Bundle Kit with TP600

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  • G6406 Balboa® 4.0 Kw Control Box Bundle Kit with TP600

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  • G6405-Remote Heater Balboa Control System BP7 Kit w/ TP500 (1 or 2 Pump) 4kW Heater

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 0612-2210345-315

    Heat Recovery Control Box 0612-2210345-315 – IN.YJ.RE

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What is a hot tub spa control pack?

A hot tub spa pack is the central control unit of your tub, encompassing essential components such as the pc board, spa heater, and other electrical parts. Its purpose is to regulate and optimize the hot tub’s functionality, ensuring efficient water heating, filtration, and circulation. Acting as the brain of the system, a spa pack allows you to manage water temperature, jets, and lighting, providing a customizable and enjoyable spa experience. It simplifies maintenance, enhances energy efficiency, and ensures the overall performance and longevity of your hot tub.

What does a spa control pack contain?

A complete spa pack contains the following components to regulate water quality, temperature, and overall spa performance.


  • A full retrofit control pack option will include a control panel: Allows you to manage hot tub settings, such as temperature and jet intensity.
  • Heater: Ensures that your spa’s water is heated to the desired temperature for an enjoyable experience
  • Circuit board: Acts as the mind of the hot tub and coordinates  operations.
  • Sensors (as part of the heater): Monitors water temperature and pressure to ensure safe and energy-efficient operations.
  • Some full kits include pump amp cords, light harness, and several overlays for the control panel

How much does it cost to replace a spa control pack?

The cost of replacing a spa pack varies based on factors like brand, features, and compatibility with specific hot tub models. Basic models can start around $500, while more advanced options can surpass $1,000. Consider long-term energy savings and enhanced functionality when determining the value. 

Easy Spa Parts stands out with a diverse range of competitively priced spa packs and an assortment of premier brands, including Dimension One Spas. Our options cater to various budgets, ensuring you can find the best replacement spa pack for your needs.

When should you replace a spa control pack?

The life expectancy of a hot tub spa pack typically ranges from 8 to 10 years, depending on usage and maintenance. Regular upkeep, such as cleaning filters, balancing water chemistry, and inspecting components, can prolong its lifespan. Despite proper maintenance, eventual wear and tear is inevitable, and you can expect to replace the spa pack a few times to ensure optimal performance and enjoyment of your hot tub.

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