76838 CalderaSpas® Control Box Advent Eagle (software required)



SKU: 76838

MPN: 76838

Model: Advent Eagle

UPC: 743161473435

Manufacturer: Caldera® Spa

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer


  • 2012+
  • Software update and configuration is required when replacing the control box

Technical and Installation:

  • 76838 Wiring Diagram
  • *In addition so those that need software installed, all circuit boards will require correct board voltage install, and component voltage set-up by moving the component wires on the board, in addition to setting dipswitches and jumpers correctly. Some configuration on the topside may also be required. Please reference the wiring schematics*

Product specifications:

  • 60 Hertz

Caldera Spas®, Watkins® Advent Eagle, Eagle DOM, Control box

Caldera Spas ADVENT EAGLE Related Specs:

  • ADVENT EAGLE (w/ blue label)
  • Utopia 2012 (3rd Qtr.) – Current
  • Paradise 2012 (3rd Qtr.) – Current
  • All Utopia models 3P5000 – CURRENT
  • All Paradise models 3P5000 – CURRENT
  • IMPORTANT:To properly program this control box for your spa, you will need to use the appropriate software code. The code can be loaded onto the control box using a portable USB drive, which is not included. Additionally, the software jumpers will need to be configured through the control panel.”

This control box is compatible with 76844, 76845, 77433, 78504/78509 control panels and it is not backward compatible with older spa control panels with Invensys circuitry.

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