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Hot Tub Ozonator & Ozone Generators

Keep your hot tub clean with a new hot tub ozonator. Hot tub ozone generators add an extra layer of sanitation to your hot tub, making it easier for your filter to remove other contaminants from the water. Upgrade your tub with a spa ozone generator.

  • 01781-16Y-A

    D1 Spa UltraPure Ozone Generator – 01781-16Y-A

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  • 01781-21

    D1 Spas Ozone Ballast – 01781-21

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  • 01710-0015

    D1 Spas UP + Ozone Generator – 01710-0015

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  • 01560-60

    D1 Spa Universal Diffuser for Crystal Pure Systems – 01560-60 (+1560-67)

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01565-0001

    D1 Spas Blue Box Ozone Gen. – 01565-0001

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  • 01560-100

    Ozone Generator – 01560-100

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  • 01781-01

    D1 Spas CrystalPure Ozone Generator – 01781-01

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  • 01560-67

    Diffuser O-Ring – 01560-67

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  • 6540-704

    1/4# Ozone Check Valve 6540-704

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  • 01560-51

    Black Vinyl Hose – 5/16 – 01560-51

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  • 01782-0001

    D1 Spa UltraPure + Assembly – 01782-0001

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  • 59297 Balboa® UltraZone Ozone Generator Kit 120/240 Volts

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  • 01780-11

    CrystalPure Ballast – 01780-11

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  • 01781-21YU

    D1 Spas Ozone Ballast – 01781-21YU

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  • 01565-0001B

    @Home Ozone Gen. 2015 + – 01565-0001B

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  • 01781-19

    De-Gassing Chamber and Kit – 01781-19

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What is the purpose of a hot tub ozonator?

Hot tub ozone generators have an interesting way of keeping your hot tub clean. These devices inject ozone gas into your hot tub’s water, where that gas can remove contaminants like lotion and body oils. Once your ozone generator has captured these substances, they’re sent to a filter, where impurities are removed. An ozone generator can also help your hot tub filter run more effectively, so you don’t have to clean or replace it as frequently.

Do you need an ozone generator in a hot tub?

You don’t have to purchase an ozone generator for your hot tub, but these generators can be a great investment. Ozone generators can effectively remove lotions, oils, and other contaminants that most hot tub filters can’t capture. 

If you frequently notice a thin film of oil on the surface of your hot tub’s water, you may want to purchase an ozonator. Using a spa ozone generator can also help extend the life of your hot tub filter.

How much does a spa ozone generator cost?

A spa ozone generator for a hot tub isn’t as expensive as you may think. You can find a hot tub ozonator at Easy Spa Parts for under $100, but some of the models we carry cost $300 or more. 

That said, an ozonator is a wise investment when you consider how much money it could save you. Keeping your hot tub water clean and free of contaminants helps extend the life of your hot tub pump, filter, and other vital parts.

How do you maintain an ozonator for a hot tub?

If you want to ensure your hot tub ozone generator lasts as long as possible, it’s important to use the right spa chemicals. While you’d typically keep chlorine levels at about 1-3 PPM, you want to keep them at 0.5 PPM when using an ozonator. You should also maintain bromine levels at 1 PPM instead of the usual 3-5 PPM. 

If you take care of your ozonator and use the right hot tub chemicals, you can expect it to last approximately five years.

Are hot tub ozone generators safe?

Using an ozone generator for a hot tub is an effective way to remove oils and other residue that your hot tub filter can’t remove. The only byproduct of an ozone generator is ozone, which doesn’t pollute the air or affect your health. If you want to extend the life of your hot tub parts, using an ozone generator can be a great option. 

Talk to the experts at Easy Spa Parts to learn more about ozone generators, how they work, and whether you need one for your hot tub.

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