D1 Spas Blue Box Ozone Gen. – 01565-0001



Used ’04-’06 Bay Series
Also used on 2008 AFS and some @Home Series Spas.

(Look for the distinctive Blue Box housing)

Imagine slowly “shocking”your spa 24 hours a day without lifting a finger.
Safely kills bacteria, yeast, & virus on contact.
Oxidizes oils, lotions, & makeup.
Reduces chemical use.
Improves water clarity.
Maximizes bather comfort.
Reduces that “chlorine” smell.
For best results, replace every 18-24 months. After that, the bulb may be lit, but the ozone output is too low.
Either way, keep your Ozone System working the way it was designed to.

SKU: 01565-0001
Manufacturer: Dimension One Spas®

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