Hot Tub Serial Number Search: Locate Yours Now

Knowing your spa’s Serial Number helps identify the correct replacement parts and cover. In a perfect world you wrote it on the original sales invoice and stored in your “Hot Tub” file folder at home. Or, maybe you wrote it on the face of your Owner’s Manual. Luckily, even in an imperfect world it’s still easy to find.

1. Standing at the Upper Control Panel, locate the left hand radius corner.

2. On the bottom of that corner, (where the spa sits on the deck), you’ll see an aluminum plate with the model name and Serial Number. Write this down on your Owner’s Manual front cover for easy access in the future.

3. The other Serial Number location is in the spa equipment area. Its size and location may vary from year to year.

4. The Serial Number and Model name are listed towards the top of the label.