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Hot Tub Pillows & Spa Replacement Pillows

Relax to your fullest potential by incorporating hot tub pillows into your spa oasis. Whether you’re a first-time spa pillow shopper or need replacement headrests, we have you covered. Shop our extensive collection of pillows and order today to enhance your spa experience and bring it to the next level.

  • 01510-593

    D1 Spa Pillow 01510-593 – Curved & Tapered

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  • N001-31

    D1 Spa Pillow – Charcoal – N001-31

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  • 01510-0593G

    D1 Spa @Home Half Moon Pillow – 01510-0593G

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  • 01510-420

    Dimension One Spas Pillows – 01510-420

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  • 400-10

    Charcoal Pillow – D-1 Spa Parts – 400-10

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  • 6455-019

    2017+ Headrest – 6455-019

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  • 01510-294C

    D1 Spa 1 inch Corrugated Hose – 01510-294C

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  • 01510-294

    1″ Corrugated Hose – 01510-294

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  • 01510-256

    Pillow Rail Adhesive Gasket – 01510-256

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  • 6472-989

    Bay Series Soft Tile Pillow – Charcoal 6472-989

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  • 01510-233RKG

    Pillow Rail Kit – Gray – 01510-233RKG

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  • 01150-15

    Snapper Clamp – 01150-15

    Brand: Read more
  • 01510-86

    Spiral Nut – 1 – 01510-86

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  • 01510-101

    Fixed Spa Pillow – Gray – 01510-101

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  • 01510-0042

    ‘@Home Corner Pillow – Silver – 01510-0042

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  • 01510-526-A

    D1 Spas @Home Spas Curved Pillow Silver – 01510-526-A

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How long do hot tub pillows last?

Hot tub pillows typically last 3 to 5 years. Since spa pillows soak in hot tub water and are exposed to chemicals, cleaning them thoroughly and correctly is essential. This can help extend their lifespan, but failure to do so can cause them to degrade faster.

How do you clean hot tub pillows?

Pillows, speaker sound systems, and spa lighting all elevate your hot tub experience. However, unlike speakers or lights, pillows should be regularly cleaned for sanitary and health reasons. 

We suggest cleaning your spa pillows once a week by wiping them with a soft cloth or sponge. Use a mild soap mixed with water to remove any dirt or stains. If you notice mildew, dilute detergent and bleach with water and scrub the hot tub headrest with your cloth. Don’t forget to clean the area around the pillow as well.

When you change the hot tub water, perform a deeper clean for brighter pillows and to further guard against stains. If you plan on not using your hot tub for a while, remove the headrests and store them in a dry area away from direct sunlight. 

The pillows don’t need much maintenance compared to other parts of your hot tub, but they should be regularly cleaned for sanitary reasons and increased enjoyment.

Is it easy to replace a hot tub headrest?

Yes, replacing a hot tub headrest is easy. Whether you have a Dimension One, Balboa, or Jacuzzi, hot tub replacement pillows are straightforward to install and remove. 

  1. First, ensure you have the right pillow length and size for your hot tub. 
  2. Don’t select replacement pillows based on appearance alone, as there are many options that look the same. Contact us to confirm pillow compatibility with your spa’s make and model.
  3. When you’re ready to replace the headset, pull the bottom part out until it unsnaps completely from the hot tub shell. 
  4. Put the replacement pillow in the same place and secure it by snapping it down

How can you prevent mildew on hot tub pillows?

Mildew is a type of fungus that can cause your hot tub pillows to smell. To prevent mildew, dry the pillows completely after each use and ensure the tub’s waterline is below the headrests. Furthermore, maintaining a strict cleaning schedule and removing pillows when the hot tub is not in use can help

What are spa pillows for hot tubs made of?

Spa pillows are usually made of vinyl since the material is easy to maintain and provides a comfortable surface to rest your head and neck. Vinyl is very durable and resistant to water, chemicals, and strong UV rays. 

High-density foam and leather are other common materials. Foam is designed to conform to the shape of your head for ultimate comfort, while leather offers a smooth and plush surface.

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