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Hot Tub Flow Switch & Sensor

Enhance spa efficiency with quality flow switches and sensors. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to seamless functionality with a new hot tub flow switch. Shop our selection of precision spa parts to find the right component for your hot tub and ensure perfect water flow every time.

  • 01710-131

    Dimension One Flow Switch – 01710-131

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  • 01560-79

    D1 Spa Temperature Sensor – 01560-79

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  • 01560-1002

    D1 Spas High Limit Sensor – 01560-1002

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  • 01710-130

    Dimension One Flow Switch Assembly – 01710-130

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  • 6560-961

    Dimension One Flow Switch Assembly 6560-961, 2015+

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  • 6560-394

    Pressure Switch 6560-394 – 510AD0249

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  • 01710-132

    Dimension One Flow Sensor Tee – 01710-132

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  • 01560-79YU

    Temperature Sensor – Y Pack 2015+ – 01560-79YU

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  • 01710-138

    Temp Sensor / Flow Switch Assembly – 01710-138

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  • 01515-04

    D1 Spas Len Gordon Pressure Switch – 01515-04 (NLA use 6560-394)

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  • 01515-10

    Dimension One Pressure Switch 01515-10

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  • 01710-14

    Flow Switch – 01710-14

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  • 2600-023

    D1 Spas High Limit Sensor Harness | 01560-76 (2600-023)

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  • 01710-18

    C.P. Flow Switch Assy. – Obsolete

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  • 01710-09

    Flow Switch – Grid Control w Fittings – Obsolete

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  • 9920-401397

    9920-401397 Dual Sensor Temp/Hi Limit

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What is the purpose of a hot tub flow switch?

A hot tub flow switch or sensor is a useful device used to monitor the flow of water throughout your spa. If the water flow in your hot tub is disrupted, a spa flow switch will automatically turn off the hot tub heaters to ensure the spa’s equipment does not get damaged and the tub stays in prime condition

When should you replace a spa flow switch or sensor?

You should replace your spa flow switch or sensor when you notice any physical damage or encounter error codes on the display. A faulty hot tub flow sensor may result in inadequate water flow and inconsistent temperature. 

Spa pumps that turn on or off irregularly or emit unusual sounds may also indicate a broken flow switch. It’s best to troubleshoot any issues and make the necessary repairs.

How do you fix a bad hot tub flow switch?

There are different ways to fix a bad flow switch. 

First, if you have an adjustable flow switch (also called a pressure switch), try following manufacturer adjustment instructions to see if you can recalibrate the switch. Additionally, check for any blocks in the plumbing or loose wires within the electrical parts of the tub.

It’s also best to ensure the hot tub’s water level is within the recommended range. If it’s too low, the hot tub flow sensor may not detect adequate water flow, resulting in errors. Check if the sensor is correctly positioned for accurate flow detection. 

If the flow switch is still not working, consult a professional and consider our different brands for replacement spa parts to avoid causing further damage.

Is it easy to replace a hot tub flow switch?

Replacing the flow switch in hot tubs can vary in difficulty, depending on your comfort level with spa systems or related parts. 

  1. To get started, ensure the tub’s power is turned off and the water is drained below the switch. Typically, the flow switch for a hot tub is located near the heater within the plumbing system. 
  2. After finding the flow switch, carefully disconnect the wires, taking note of their placement. 
  3. Unscrew the old flow switch and connect the new one in the same position. 
  4. Reconnect the wires and test the system before refilling the tub.

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