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Dimension One Spa Parts – 3 Fall Hot Tub Care Tips

Here are 3 Fall Season Hot Tub Care Tips:

1 – With Autumn, we have some of the best hot tubbing nights of the year. Cool, crisp evenings with family and friends are one of the reasons we wanted a spa to begin with. No matter how long you’ve had your spa, remember to take time and share it with others.

2 – If you promised to consider replacing that spa cover before the snow starts falling, we‘ve written a quick list of things to think about titled: Spa Covers and the Art of Aging Gracefully.

Take a quick look; you’ll learn if the time is now or if there a few things to help extend the life of your current cover. And remember Easy Spa Parts provides spa covers made by Sunstar, the same manufacturer currently providing them for new Dimension One Spas. Excellent quality – guaranteed fit.

3 – Fall is also a good time to change the spa water and give the whole unit a good once-over. Check out our Spa Inspection Checklist to ensure it’s in tip-top condition. If you see something that raises a question – call the experts at Easy Spa Parts for simple, understandable answers.

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Enjoy hot tubbing this fall

Phil Sandner