Spa Inspection Checklist

Use this list to inspect your spa annually, whether you already own it or are looking to purchase. If your inspection reveals a problem or you have any questions, please call for help: 866-418-1840 toll free.

  • 5’ minimum distance from spa
  • Turns on/off properly without tripping
Equipment Compartment
  • Access Door is good condition
  • All door screws in place & not stripped
  • No signs of water in compartment
Filters (average life is about 2.5 years)
  • 3-piece skimmer basket in condition good
  • Mid-band in tact
  • Filter screen holds filter securely
  • Bottom threads not cracked or broken
Drain Covers
  • All in place and secure
  • Good general condition
  • (Remove debris that might clog the cover if necessary)
  • All pumps operate properly
  • Normal Sound – No high pitch whining
  • Bleeder valves do not leak
  • No leaks at shaft when operating at high speed
  • Gate Valves do not leak when pump on high speed
UltraPure Ozone System
  • Ozone generator glows (Replace this every 24 months)
Upper Control Panel
  • Display legible
  • Inlay (decal in good condition)
  • Pump 1 Operates High Low
  • Pump 2 Operates High Low
  • Pump 3 Operates High Low
  • Light operates
  • Temperature can be adjusted up and down
Heater Circulation Pump
  • Bubbles shoot out near light
  • Heater light on solid when spa needs to heat
Crystal Pure Ozone System
  • Ozone generator glows (Replace this every 24 months)
  • Diffuser in good condition
  • Air pump operative
Error Messages
  • Flow
  • High Limit
  • Spa maintains set temperature
  • No leaks from heater
  • No leaks from flow switch
Vision Sanitizing Cartridge
  • Replace every 6 months
  • General condition good
  • No signs of leaks around perimeter of spa
  • Spinning jets spin
  • Open/close easily
  • Normal Flow
Minimum Spa Chemicals Required
  • Test Strips (6 month shelf life after bottle is opened)
  • Chlorine or Bromine Sanitizer
  • Spa Shock
  • Alkalinity Increaser
  • pH Increaser
  • pH Decreaser
Selector Valve(s)
  • Turn freely
  • Clean-out if necessary
Drain Valve—Front Corner of Cabinet
  • Open/closes
  • Does not leak
  • General condition good
  • Pillow carrier rails secure
  • Adjustable pillow carrier slides up/down
  • Corrugated hose flexible and does not leak
Annual Maintenance Routine
  • Flush Plumbing with Natural Enzyme Solution
  • Drain spa water
  • Wash Shell
  • Rinse and soak filters
  • Wash and condition spa cover
  • Re-fill spa with fresh water
  • Clean
  • No cracks
Spa Cover (average cover life is 5-7 years)
  • General condition good
  • Cores not heavy
  • Straps and safety locks in good condition
EZ Lifter
  • General condition good
  • Operates properly