Spa Covers & The Art of Aging Gracefully

The average life of a good spa cover is 5+ years depending on both local weather conditions and the care and attention you give it. Knowing what to expect from your cover and how to take proper care of it will protect your investment and give peace of mind for years to come.

What to Expect From Your Spa Cover:

1. As weather takes its toll on the outside vinyl skin, the compounds that give the cover color and flexibility break down, allowing it to slowly fade, shrink, and tear at the seams. Routine maintenance (see next page—Protecting Your Spa Cover) will slow this process but cannot stop it completely.

2. The Styrofoam cores inside the “skin” are wrapped in a sheet of plastic and then sealed. Over time the hot and cold weather causes the plastic inside to expand and contract until it finally breaks into small pieces. This allows rain water from the top, or steam from the bottom, to be absorbed into the cores. You’ll know this is happening when the cover slowly gets heavy and difficult to open. When you don’t want to use your spa because the cover is too heavy, it’s time to replace the cover.

3. The “welting” in this picture is common as covers age so there is no need to worry about damage to the bottom.

4. A driving rainstorm or heavy downpour can push rain in through the ends of the hinge raising the water level inside the spa one or more inches. You’ll have to drain some water out of the spa so the level is back to normal.

The same type of rainstorm can also allow water to soak through the top threads of the cover and fill the “skin”. When the weather improves, set the cover on the ground, zipper side down to allow the water to drain out.

Protecting Your Spa Cover:

1. An E-Z Lifter reduces normal wear and tear caused by opening the cover and moving it on and off the spa.

2.Clean and condition your cover regularly to slow color fade and vinyl shrinkage.

We recommend 303 Protectant as the best vinyl conditioner available. It’s available from us or at your local auto parts store.

3. When opening the cover, start by slipping one hand underneath. This breaks the air seal and reduces the stress on the handle.

4. Always use the rubber or vinyl handles to open a spa cover and protect the seams from splitting.

5. Straps and skirts are not handles so don’t use them to open, close or move the cover.

6. Is your cover moldy or has an odor you can’t get rid of?

Remove the cores; wash them and inside the vinyl skin with 90% water/10% bleach. Dry and replace.

7. Puddle on the cover? – Remove the core and turn it over.

With routine maintenance and proper handling, you’ll get 5+ years of use from your new cover.

If you have any questions about using, maintaining, or replacing your spa cover please call us.