Executive 56 Frame Waterway Pump, 230V, 2SP, 4HP, 12/4.4A, 3721621-1D



Executive EX2 56 Frame Waterway Pump, 230V, 2SP, 4HP, 12/4.4A, 3721621-1D, 2 x 2″

This is the original Waterway brand pump motor and wet end combination.

  • Low Amps: 4.4
  • Hi Amps: 12
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Intake: 2″
  • Discharge: 2″ side discharge
  • 56 Frame

Technical and Installation:

  • Pump is shipped in the wet-end orientation shown. Please review How to Rotate a Pump Wet End
  • Most pumps are shipped without a cord, and you will need to use your existing cord or purchase a new amp cord.
  • Please see How to Wire a Spa Pump and the “related products” below to purchase replacement amp cord.

Can replace the following pumps: 1-00-0116, WW37216211D, 37216211D, 3721621-1D, 37216211D, 3721621-1D5A, 3721621-0D85CT, 3721621-0D76VK, 3721621-0D85, PF-30-2N22M, PF-40-2N22C, PF-40-2N22M, PF-40-2N22MC, 34-270-3594, WWP-10-1410, BX4106-S2, 372161-0D87, 372161-0D36, 3721621-0D, 372161-0D76

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer


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