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In many cases, a replacement spa pump will not come with a new pump (amp) cord. You will need to use your existing cord from your old motor or purchase a new amp cord (see “related products”) How to Wire a Spa Pump

1. Your pump will be either 1 speed (3 wires) or 2 speed (4 wires). Your pump motor will have a wiring diagram showing you where each wire goes on the back of the pump.

2. To access the connections to wire your pump, take off the cover on the back of the pump:

3. In most cases (but not all) the pump should be wired the following way:

Red (H) high speed

Black (L) low speed

White (C) common

Green (ground) to a ground screw

4. For 1 speed pumps you will not have a red wire on your pump amp cord. Follow the motor wiring diagram for the black 1 speed. *You can also use a two speed pump to replace a 1 speed pump in your spa, by wiring only the black 1 speed cord wire to H (high) on the replacement 2 speed pump.

5. It is very unlikely that a new pump is defective upon installation. If your new pump is not working after installation, the most likely reason is improper wiring.

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How to Wire a Spa Pump PDF

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