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In most cases, a replacement spa pump will arrive in the wet-end orientation shown on the product page when you purchase it.

1. To rotate the wet-end to match the pump connection with your spa plumbing, locate the thru-bolts on the back of the pump motor. These are long bolts the run thorough the body of the motor and connect to the wet-end.

2. Some pumps will have a cover over the back of the motor, that will simply need to be removed to access the thru-bolts, as shown:

3. Unscrew the thru-bolts from the wet end, and pull them back until there is enough space for you to rotate the wet-end. You do not need to fully remove the thru-bolts, and it is not advised.

4. Rotate the wet-end in the direction needed for your plumbing. Pull out on the wet-end (away from motor) to allow for more space for rotation, and make sure to line up the bolt-holes with where the thru-bolts exit the motor and connect to the wet-end.

5. Tighten the thru-bolts (see picture from step 3) to secure the wet-end in its new orientation. Install the pump amp cord if not yet installed. Re-install the motor cover from step 2 if there was a cover to remove. The pump is now ready to be installed!

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