56380 Balboa® Circuit Board BP2000G1 (see notes)



SKU: 56380

MPN: 321995917623l66

Model/Series: BP2000G1

UPC: 756635882374

Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Warranty: by manufacturer

Product Specifications for Chip Number BP2000G1 and Control Box 56689:

  • Connection type: 4 Pin Molex Connector
  • Power Input: 120 – 240V, 60Hz
  • Pump Configuration:
  • Primary Pump: 2-speed
  • Secondary Pumps: Two 2-speed pumps

*All circuit boards will require correct board voltage install and component voltage set-up by moving the component wires on the board, in addition to setting dipswitches correctly. Some configuration on the topside may also be required. Please reference the wiring schematics*

These specifications outline the key features and power requirements for the product with Chip Number BP2000G1 and Control Box 56689. It includes details about the connector type, power input range, and the pump configuration, which consists of a 2-speed primary pump and two 2-speed secondary pumps.

Alternate: 59157, 56379, 56379-01,56380-02,9297-010, BP2000-G1, BP2000G1,56380r1a, BP2000G1R1D


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