6600-724 Jacuzzi®/Sundance® Circuit Board (Rev. 3.57+) LX-10 (With Circ.)

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SKU: 6600-724

MPN: 6600-724

Model / Series: LX-10

Manufacturer: Jacuzzi/Sundance®

Warranty: 1 year with manufacturer

Some set-up and configuration will be required. See 6600-724-Schematic and 6600-724 Topside Board Configuration

The Jacuzzi/Sundance® Circuit Board LX-10, with part number 6600-724, is a dependable substitute for multiple other circuit board models such as 6600-0446600-0856600-086, and 6600-286. This circuit board is compatible with various Sundance® and Jacuzzi® models, including the 2008+ 780 Dover2004 Portofino Series2003-2004 Sweetwater 2-Speed Lagunas, and 2007+ J-315 Series.

Compatible with: 

Sundance models:

Jacuzzi models:

  • 2002+ Jacuzzi® J-300 Series LED
  • 2002 – 2006 J-310, J315 Series
  • 2004 J-325 Series
  • 2007+ J-315 Series
  • 2008+ J-325 Series

And it replaces the following part numbers:

  • 6600-044
  • 6600-085
  • 6600-086
  • 6600-286

If you are in search of a dependable and efficient replacement circuit board for your Sundance® or Jacuzzi® hot tubs, look no further than the 6600-724 Jacuzzi/Sundance® Circuit Board, 3.57+, LX-10 (With Circ.). This top-notch circuit board offers excellent compatibility with a variety of models and has the capability to replace multiple part numbers. Rest assured that this high-quality circuit board will meet your needs and provide reliable performance for your hot tub.

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