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Hot Tub Hoses & Tubing

  • 01510-294C

    D1 Spa 1 inch Corrugated Hose – 01510-294C

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  • 01510-294

    1″ Corrugated Hose – 01510-294

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  • 01150-15

    Snapper Clamp – 01150-15

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  • 01510-86

    Spiral Nut – 1 – 01510-86

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  • 01510-332G

    Air Relief Knob – Gray – 01510-332g

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  • 01563-20

    2″ O-Ring Gasket – Large – 01563-20 (711-4030X)

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  • 01150-30

    Double Wire Hose Clamp – 01150-30

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  • 60-1260 Bullfrog®SnapCap Clip, (2013-Current)

    60-1260 Bullfrog® SnapCap Clip (2012-2015)

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  • 01420-70

    Flex Hose – 2″ – 01420-70 (Flex-2)

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  • 01510-332

    Air Relief Knob – White – 01510-332

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  • 01415-70

    Flex Hose – 1 1/2″ – 01415-70 (Flex-1.5)

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  • 01407-25

    Barbed Coupler – 3/4″ – 01407-25

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  • 01150-0032

    3/8″ Wire Clamp – 01150-0032

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  • 01407-70

    3/4 Flex Hose – 01407-70 (Flex-34)

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  • 01420-19

    Coupler – 2″ – 01420-19

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  • 01522-GVRK

    Gate Valve Replacement Kit – 01522-gvrk

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What are hot tub hoses used for?

Hot tub hoses fill, drain, and circulate water through your spa. A hot tub hose handles water at various temperatures and ensures you can drain and fill the water safely for cleaning or maintenance. With a spa hose, you can direct the water to a suitable drainage area. Hoses can also connect to other plumbing parts, ensuring the water is appropriately circulated and filtered.

What type of hose do you need for a hot tub?

When selecting a hot tub hose, it’s important to choose one that is specifically designed for running hot water. Hot tub tubing is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene, or polyurethane, which are durable and handle temperature variations effectively. 

You should also confirm the hose is resistant to specific chemicals in hot tubs, such as chlorine, bromine, and other sanitizers. Consider the size and length of the hose, ensuring it’s compatible with other components, such as spa pumps and motors.

Where can you find high-quality spa hoses and parts?

For premium spa hoses and parts, look no further than Easy Spa Parts. We offer a wide selection of durable and reliable components to keep your spa running smoothly. With our replacement hoses, equipment, and parts, you can easily find what you need in our extensive inventory

How often should you replace hot tub hoses and pipes?

In general, hot tub hoses and pipes can last several years. However, the longevity of spa hoses and tubing depends on several factors, including the material of the hoses, water quality, and overall maintenance. 

It’s best to replace your hot tub’s tubing if you notice any cracks or leaks. Chemicals and high water temperatures can also deteriorate hoses over time, depending on the quality of their material. If you notice a loss of flexibility in the hoses, it may be time to replace them. 

Regular water testing, cleaning the spa filters, and maintaining proper water chemistry can help extend the lifespan of hoses and pipes.

How do you maintain spa hoses?

Here are a few tips to help you maintain spa hoses:

  • Periodically clean and rinse them with a mild detergent solution to remove debris or scale
  • Ensure proper water care and chemistry to protect the spa hoses from damage
  • Occasionally, drain and refill the tub to prevent contaminant buildup
  • Check that the tubes are correctly installed with secure connections and no kinks. 
  • Regularly check for wear, cracks, or leaks and allow for timely repairs.

What is a hot tub manifold?

A hot tub manifold is an important spa plumbing part that distributes water among the spa jets. It acts as a central hub, directing water flow to ensure each jet receives its intended supply. This balanced distribution enhances the overall hydrotherapy experience, optimizing pressure and promoting relaxation. A well-functioning manifold for a hot tub contributes to efficient water circulation, preventing uneven heating and promoting a consistently enjoyable soak. 

Ultimately, upgrading or repairing your spa manifold is essential for maintaining peak performance and ensuring a satisfying and rejuvenating hot tub soak.

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