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Hot Tub Heaters

Your hot tub relies on a heater to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature, so you may need a replacement if your tub isn’t heating up correctly. Find the replacement hot tub heater you need to get your spa or tub up and running again below. We carry a wide selection of high-quality heaters to ensure a warm, relaxing soak every time.

  • 01512-320E

    Dimension One Spa Circulation Pump – 01512-320E (w/flow switch)

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  • 01512-321

    Dimension Spa Circulation Pump – 01512-321, Laing E-10

    Brand: Add to cart
  • SR Seal Kit

    Sta-Rite Seal Kit – SRSEALKIT

    Brand: Add to cart
  • 01512-322

    D1 Spa Sta-Rite Drain Plugs – 01512-322

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  • Hot Tub Pump


    Dimension One Spa 2-speed Sta-Rite Pump – 01562-23A

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  • 01510-371

    O-Ring – 01510-371 – 6000-645

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  • 01560-79

    D1 Spa Temperature Sensor – 01560-79

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  • 01781-27

    D-1 Spa Heater with Flow Switch – 01781-27

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  • 01512-301

    Dimension One Sta-Rite O-Ring For Face Plate – 01512-301 (6020026)

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  • 01560-1002

    D1 Spas High Limit Sensor – 01560-1002

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  • 01510-184

    Split Union for Pump – 01510-184 (400-5171)

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  • 6500-080NA

    Dimension One Grundfos Circulation Pump – 6500-080NA

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  • 01562-39C

    Dimension One Spa 2-speed Sta-Rite Pump – 01562-39C

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  • 01510-183

    2″ Split Union for Heaters (50086)

    Brand: , , Add to cart
  • 01530-0001

    90 Degree Elbow for Pump – 01530-0001

    Brand: Read more
  • 21619

    Heater/Pump Coupling 2″ Gasket 21619 (711-4030)

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How much do hot tub heaters cost?

Hot tub heaters vary in price, depending on several factors, such as the brand, material quality, product specifications, and unique features. In most cases, you can expect to spend between $150 to $400 for a hot tub replacement heater. 

The good news is that spa heaters typically last a few years, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars replacing your heater annually. Like spa jets, hot tub heaters don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as filters. 

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