Gecko YE5 Bundled system, BDLYE5K83OP w/ Topside and Cables



BDLYE5K83OP w/ Upper Control and Cables complete control system with IN.K8-3OP Upper Control and Cables

***This system requires correct component voltage set-up and spa configuration. Please see the “Technical and Installation” below for easy-to-follow installation instructions. 


  • YE5 control pack with heater
  • Keypad IN.K8-3OP
  • Adapter plate for keypad
  • Light and light cord
  • Dual speed amp cord
  • Single speed amp cord

Spa Control System Specs:

  • 120/240V convertible
  • 1.0/4.0 kw heater
  • Pump 1 – 1 speed or 2 speed
  • Pump 2- 1 speed or 2 speed
  • Pump 3/blower – 1 speed only
  • Circ pump – 120 or 240 Volts
  • Light – 12V
  • Ozone – 120 or 240 Volts

If using both ozone and circulation pump, you will need 9920-401369 harness:

Technical and Installation:

  • Voltage Conversion with component wires is required (pack ships with components in the “N” 120V location, you will simply need to move these to L2 240V for 240 volt components.
  • You will also need to select a configuration based on your spa components and how they operate. This is a simple process done with the control panel (see instructions)
  • Important: YE5 Installation Instructions


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