DJAYEA-0153 Balboa® Pump Sta-Rite® Dura-Jet 1.0 Horse Power 115 Volts 48 Frame 8.5/3.0 Amps



Balboa/Sta-Rite® Dura-Jet Pump, 1.0HP, 115V, 2-Speed, Low Amperage (10.4 Amperage)

Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Model/Series: Dura Jet-Sta-Rite


MPN: 4239110-S

Warranty: 2 years (provided by the manufacturer)

Alternates: DJAYFA-0001, DJAYFA-0002, DJAYFA-0151M, 4239113-B, 4239113-S, DJAYEA-0001, DJAYFA-0082, DJAYFA-3153N, DJAYEA-0002, DJAYFA-0182, DJAYFA-31A3N, DJAYFA-0001, DJAYFA-3022, DJAYFA-01A3, DJAYFA-0007, DJAYFA-3122, DJAYFA-0042B, DJAYFA-3022H, DJAYFA-0142B, DJAYFA-3122H, DJAYFA-0151M, DJAYFA-3097, DJAYFA-0052, DJAYFA-3197, DJAYFA-0152, DJAYFA-9022, DJAYFA-0062, DJAYFA-9122, DJAYFA-0162, 39583-02 (Watkins), DJAYFA-3062, DJAYEA-3153N, DJAYFA-3162, Ultima 1014028, DJAYFA-0062A, DJAYEA-911, DJAYFA-0162A (630-6085), DJAYEA-9113.


  • Quiet operation
  • High flow rates can exceed 210 gallons per minute.
  • Viton® elastomers
  • Carbon ceramic seals

Product Specifications:

  • 115 Voltage
  • 48 Frames
  • Horse Power 1.0
  • 2 Speeds
  • Inlet/outlet: 3″ OD
  •  8.5/3.0 Amps

Technical and Installation:

  • Pump is shipped in the wet-end orientation shown. Please review How to Rotate a Pump Wet End
  • Most pumps are shipped without a cord, and you will need to use your existing cord or purchase a new amp cord.
  • Please see How to Wire a Spa Pump and the “related products” below to purchase replacement amp cord.

Replaces: 223152078066, 5051-112

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