C2550-0011 Cal Spas® Heat Exchanger Replacement XL 240 Volts 5.5Kw (NLA use B24055XL)


No longer available – use B24055XL

SKU: C2550-0011

MPN: C2550-0011

Model: XL

UPC: 606682809278

Manufacturer: Cal Spa®

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer

Cal Spa® Heat exchanger Replacement heater


  • Aluminum box.
  • Incoloy Heater element
  • Lead wires
  • Come with the heater 2 tail pieces including gaskets and is pre-tapped for the pressure switch.
  • Stainless steel heater housing with split nuts
  • Sensor cover plate

Product specifications:

  • 220-240V
  • 5.5KW
  • Auto Reset Hi-Limit
  • 1/8″ Pressure switch tap
  • 15″ x 2″

Alternate: 26-0011-7S-K

Also known as:  26-0011-7S-K 25-150-0011 CALHEA14100401 C2550-0011-100 F2550-1100-100, HEA14100120 HEA14100310 46-555-2000 F2550-0011-101 F2550-0011-100HEA14100470 9145-010 26-0011-7S-K HEA14100401 F2550-0011HEA14100300 HTR465552000 F2550-0001-ET B24055XL F2550-0001C2550-0011TI 26-0011-F-RS-K 2-00-0031 HEA14100121 26-0071FXL

Additional Part Numbers:B24055XL, F2550-0001, F2550-011, HEA14100310, HTR465552000

Replacement options for: F2550-0011, F2550-0001, F2550-0011-100F2550-0001-ET, B24055XL, 26-0011-7S-K

IMPORTANT: Pressure switch or tape on sensors are sold separately.

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