54383 Balboa® Circuit Board



SKU: 54383

MPN: 54883

Model: VS511ZR2E


Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer

Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the following: Burnt terminal blocks or connections, burnt or blown fuses, burnt traces or terminals for circuit board purchases. Which are normally caused by field installation errors, loose connections and/or over current draw from external electrical wiring and/or components.Balboa Water Group® VS511Z Duplex Digital Circuit Board. This is a Generic Circuit board. This circuit board is the replacement board for Balboa’s 54382 Control System.


  • M7® Technology
  • Chip: VS511ZR2E
  • Value Series
  • Pump1, Pump2, Light and Ozone circuits (no blower circuit)

Product Specifications:

  • Connection Type: Phone style (RJ45)

Alternative replacement for the 54373/54374 Great Lakes GVS511R1 board (if you don’t mind losing the Silent Sentry Lighting System).

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