59003 Balboa® Circuit Board EL2000 MACH 2.1 (replaces TS2000R1A-53363 WIL)



SKU: 59003

MPN: 59003

Model: EL2000R1(x)

UPC: 710033382966

Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer


  • Chip Model: EL2000R1(x)
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with Balboa® ML Digital Topside Panels.
  • Installation Requirement: Must be installed in a metal box; it is not compatible with plastic boxes. For plastic boxes, consider using 53834-04.

Product Specifications:

  • Connection: Equipped with a Molex Style Plug for secure and reliable connections.

Power Requirements:

  • Voltage: Operates with both 120V and 240V options, supporting 50/60Hz.
  • Components:
  • 120V Ozone
  • 12V Spa Light
  • Optional: 120V Fiber Optic Light
  • 120V AV (Stereo)
  • 240V 5.5KW Heater

*All circuit boards will require correct board voltage install, and component voltage set-up by moving the component wires on the board, in addition to setting dipswitches correctly. Some configuration on the topside may also be required. Please reference the wiring schematics*

This versatile chip ensures compatibility with a range of power configurations and is an ideal choice for enhancing your spa’s digital control system when used with Balboa® ML Digital Topside Panels. Please note the specific installation requirements for a metal box.

This circuit board replaces: Thermo Spa 53363 / 53361 / 53361-01- TS2000R1A, TS2000R1B & TS2000R1C. TS2003R1A, Clearwater Spa BC2003R2A/ BC2003R2B & BF01R1A/BF01R1B


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