52518 Balboa® Retrofit kit for M2/M3



SKU: 52518

MPN: 52518

Model: Deluxe

UPC: 753610479710

Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Warranty by manufacturer: 1 year

Balboa® Circuit Board, M2/M3 Deluxe/Serial Standard.


  • American Pool Chip APS100R2*
  • Clearwater Chip P2W95R1*
  • Topside overlay
  • Includes reference card.
  • Balboa Chip M2/M3R1*
  • Includes wiring diagram sticker.

Product Specifications: 

  • Supports a 2-speed primary pump and secondary pump, blower, circ pump, ozonator/UVC, & light.
  • Phone style plug connector

Attention: This circuit board will not operate a 3-pump system for the listed chip numbers


  • This board will work with the following topside controls: 51057, 51058, 51247, 51452, 53189, 53811, 54108, 54128, 54155, 54156, 54170, 51216 (auxiliary topside).

Replaces: Balboa® 54122 Circuit Board.

Alternate: 2000DR1C, 2000DR2B, 9710-07, 50975, 510ER1A, 51408, 51511, 51545, 51789, 520ER1C, 52518, 54122, 9710-07, AC100R1A, APS100R2A, B240DGR2A, B240DGR2B, B240DGR2D, C3000R1C, C3000R1D, C4000R1A, DAK100R1A, DAK100R1B, DS100R1C, DS34R2A, DS34R2B, DS4R3C, FW150R1B, H150R2A, H150R2C, HS100R1A, JET100R1A, L101R1B, LB104R1B, LB104R1C, LB104R1D, LB104R1E, M2/M3R1D, MAJ200R1B, MAJ200R1D, MAS300R1F, Q1043R2A, SAR200R2A, SCS100R1A, SS3000R1A, WS200R1A, ZX2000R2A, ZX2000R2B, BAL52518, 611313


Note:  Fit for many of manufacturers OEM boards and is identical to 54000 and 54001 circuit boards

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