0612-221041-431 IN.YJ3 Control Box Gecko



0612-221041-431 IN.YJ3 Control Box Gecko – Control Box only – Does not Include Heater

  • Supports keypads, heater, a 12v light, as well as 3 relays.
  • Easy to Configure
  • Convertible for 115v or 230v with a white/neutral on 230V
  • Four compatible keypads
  • Programmable filter cycles.
  • Corrosion free case

Some YJ Models on Watkins Spas will have No Orange Wire on the connector for the sensor plug. You must also replace the heater in these cases- 0613-421009

Alternative Control Box Numbers

0612-221041-431, 0612-221030-286, GK0612221041431, 0612221041431

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