Installing a New E10 Series Circulation Pump

To get started —
1. Turn power off at the GFI
2. Remove the main access door to the equipment area.
3. Locate the circulation pump in your spa.

Prior to 2009, it may be either blue or red in the middle and looks something like this.

Replacing the circulation pump is something most spa owners can do with a little patience. Be sure to read these instructions completely before starting so you understand the full scope of the job.

If you have any questions during installation, please call or email us for help.

The new E10 series pump was introduced in about 2009.

1) It’s now 230 volts versus the original 115 volt model,

2) it now uses 70 watts.

3) the impeller system is better so it moves more water (with fewer “flow” errors). This translates into a more powerful, efficient and robust motor for longer life and fewer problems.

You’ll need these tools to complete the job:

• Phillips screwdriver—or cordless drill, if you have one.
• Medium sized Phillips screwdriver—a 90 degree screwdriver may be helpful for tight areas.
• Flathead screwdriver or pliers depending on the hose clamp design your spa uses.

1. Turn power off at the GFCI

2. Remove the main access door to the equipment area.

3. Locate the circulation pump in your spa.

4. Unplug the circulation pump

5. Remove mounting screws, if there are any. Sometimes a 90 degree screwdriver works better in tight spots.

6. Loosen clamps and slide them up the hose a few inches. Your spa may have wire clamps instead of the screw type shown.

7. We are almost ready to make the swap. Remove the clear cap plugs from new pump barbs. Keep this pump near you.

8. Grab the old pump, Tilt the top barb to the left to remove top from hose and pull pump toward you. Water will come out of both hoses, so act quickly.

9. Tilt the new pump as shown and put it near the top hose.

10.Now turn it up and push into the top hose. Next, push the front nozzle into the other hose.

11.Tighten both hose clamps. There is no need to screw the mounting plate down. In fact, sometimes the pump is slightly suspended in the air. This is fine.

12.Remove the metal plate covering the electrical box and locate the circulation pump receptacle and connect the new plug.

13.Now look on the back side of the receptacle. You’ll see 3 wires: black, green and white. Locate the white wire.

14.Follow the white wire back to the place it’s plugged onto the mother board.

15.There are at least 7 different circuit boards that were used in this application, and each connection location is different.
Please call us or email us with the pin location on your spa and we’ll tell you where to move your wire. (866) 418-1840.

16. Replace the flat cover on the electrical box.

17.Turn on power to the spa at the GFCI.

18.Within a few minutes you should see a steady stream of bubbles once again shooting out of the ozone jet near the light.
The “heat” indicator should also come on, indicating everything is operating properly.

19.Sometimes an air lock can develop during installation. See Immediately Purge Air From Your Circulation Pump

20.Once everything is operating properly and spa is heating, replace the main access door and you are done.