Replacing Your Sta-Rite Pump Seal

Step 1:

The tools required include a thin blade flathead screwdriver, medium blade flathead screwdriver, (or 90 degree screwdriver if you have one), and a 3/8” nut driver.

Step 2:

Remove the four bolts on the front case.

Step 3:

Remove the front case, leaving the impeller showing.

Step 4:

Grab the impeller with one hand. Carefully place the 90° degree screwdriver, or the flathead screwdriver, in one of the veins inside the (The 90° degree screwdriver is less likely to damage the motor veins.) It takes a bit of patience, but you should be able to stop the shaft from turning and loosen the impeller by hand.

Step 5:

Remove the impeller.

Step 6:

Remove the spring assembly from the impeller.

Step 7:

Lubricate the shaft with liquid soap from the kitchen or O-ring lubricant, and slide the new spring assembly, flat edge down. The spring assembly should go all the way down the shaft of the impeller.

Step 8:

Using a long, thin, flathead screwdriver place the blade between the motor shaft and inside of the pump seal.

Step 9:

Tilt the screwdriver a bit and lift the seal out of the housing.

Step 10:

Remove the old seal and discard.

Step 11:

Wipe the ceramic disc seat with a clean rag, removing any old dirt or grime.

Step 12:

Pumps use mechanical seals with a rubber seat ring. Coat this rubber surface with a thin film of O-Ring. Wipe off any excess lube that may have gotten on the white ceramic surface.

Step 13:

Using a clean, dry towel, push the ceramic disc firmly back into its seat. Wipe the white ceramic surface clean once it’s on place. A dirty or oily surface will cause the seal to leak.

Step 14:

Replace the large O-ring or wash the old one with soap and water. An old O-ring will deteriorate over time and must be replaced. If it’s still in usable condition, clean the groove it sits in. Lubricate the O-ring with O-Ring lube and return it to its seat.

Step 15:

Put a few drops of lubricating oil on the end of the motor shaft. Re-install the impeller back into the seal plate.

Step 16:

Turn the impeller until the shaft begins to spin.

Step 17:

Grab the impeller with one hand. Carefully place the 90 degree screwdriver, or the flathead screwdriver, in one of the veins inside the motor. (The 90 degree screw- driver is less likely to damage the motor veins.) Remember, patience is a virtue when getting the screwdriver in place. When the tool is in place, give the impeller one last turn to the right. This insures the impeller is tight on the shaft.

Step 18:

Re-attach the front case.

Step 19:

Replace the pump union O-rings if you purchased new ones. Our orange O-rings are made from a long-lasting silicone, instead of the original black ones.

Step 20:

Reinstall the pump, open the check valves if your spa has them, and refill the spa.

Turn the power on at the GFCI.

Remember that pumps should only run with water in the spa or there is a risk of burning up the motor.

Pump seals may take time to “seat” themselves, so don’t be surprised if there is a small amount of dripping water for up to ½ a day.