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When Should I Consider Replacing my Circuit Board with a Retrofit Kit?

When Should I Consider Replacing my Circuit Board with a Retrofit Kit?

In many cases, it is best to replace circuit boards, control systems, and control panels with proprietary equipment, meant specifically for your spa.

But there are many scenarios where a retrofit either makes more sense or becomes a necessity to keep your spa running.

1. Board is Obsolete: Often, the original circuit board for a spa has become obsolete. In these cases, there are occasionally replacement boards with similar software that can be used. Unfortunately, this often means that the original topside/keypad does not communicate with the replacement PC board software. In these cases, the cost of replacing a PC board and Topside separately often much exceeds the cost of a retrofit, which is ensured to be compatible, due to the fact that it comes with all the parts needed for retrofit compatibility.

2. Cost: Even if the current circuit board or control pack is still available, the cost of replacing your current board/control pack with a brand-specific unit, very often exceeds the cost of a retrofit. In many cases, a full retrofit is around the same price as the board. Even if it’s $100 to $150 more, the customer gets a new board, heater, topside, and often amps cord or a light depending on the pack.

3. All New Equipment: A retrofit system also includes and new heater, temp sensors, pressure switches, etc., so the full system is new. If replacing one part only (a PC board, for instance), you are still left with an old heater and topside.

G6412 Balboa® BP100 Bundle w/TP200T, Control System 4.0kW Remote Heater

4. Upgrade Equipment: New retrofit systems are Wi-Fi compatible, allowing you to upgrade to a monitoring spa control application.

Why retrofit systems work well?

 1. When you take out the spa pack and the topside, you are then left with a “blank canvas” for a spa, other than the pumps, ozone, etc. So as the new retrofit heater length mainly matches the control pack that came out, the new pack should fit up cleanly.

2. In most cases, the new topside might be slightly smaller or bigger, but this is generally easier to address by cutting a larger hole for the new panel, or if smaller, using a mounting plate, which is usually included in the new retrofit kit.

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