HEA14100430 Heater Assembly Cal Spa XL Heat Exchanger



SKU: HEA14100430
MPN: HEA14100430


Wattage: 5.5kw
Voltage: 230V
Length: 15″

This Aftermarket assembly has a replaceable heating element and is designed as a drop-in replacement. It’s a Flo Thru Style Heater Assembly with Insulation Wrap, featuring a Stainless Steel Manifold measuring 15″. It’s an in-line flow thru replacement and requires two tape on sensors, which are not included. You can use the existing sensors

THIS HEATER DOES NOT UTILIZE A PRESSURE SWITCH Identical to: 58076, F2550-2001, 26-2001-7S-K, 46-555-2004, C2550-2001

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