DJAYHB-0097B/0103 Pump, Sta-Rite, Dura-Jet,


NLA – Use DJAYHB-0103B Pump, Sta-Rite, Dura-Jet, 56FR, 230V, 2SP, 3.0HP, 12A/4.4 | Easy Spa Parts

Model: Sta-Rite/ Dura Jet
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group
Warranty: 1 year with manufacturer

Product Specifications:

Speeds: 2
Frames: 48FR
Intake Size: 2″ MBT
Discharge Type: Side
Discharge Size: 2″
Amperage: 12.0/3.7
Voltage: 230V
Horsepower: 3.0HP
Hertz: 60Hz

Reuse existing pump cord, or see our selection of 2 speed pump cords with the right connector for your circuit board or spa pack.


DJAYHB-0103, DJAYHB-0003 (Sta-Rite), 34-102-1225, 34-102-4225W, DJAYHB, 15-175-2202, DJAYHB-0051M, DJAYHB-0151M, DJAYHB-3021H, DJAYHB-3051, DJAYHB-3121H, DJAYHB-3151, DJAAYGB-0007, DJAAYGB-3097, DJAYHB-0001, DJAYHB-0041, DJAYHB-0057, DJAYHB-0097, DJAYHB-0141, DJAYHB-0161, DJAYHB-3021, DJAYHB-3041, DJAYHB-3061, DJAYHB-3121, DJAYHB-3141, DJAYHB-3161, DJAYGB-0151, DJAYGB-3051, DJAYGB-3151, DJAYGB-3021H, DJAYGB-3121H, DJAAYGB-0151, DJAAYGB-3051, DJAAYGB-3151, DJAYHB-0151G, DJAYHB-0151, DJAYHB-0155M, DJAYHB-0101, DJAYHB-0007, PUBFS50258220, PUUPS50258220H, 1015113, PUUPS50258220 PUUPSC50258220, DJAYHB-9141, DJAYHB-0151B, DJAYHB-3151G, DJAYHB-0003, 05340009-5040, 48WUA2002C-II, 06125000-1040

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