54372-03-R Balboa® Circuit Board VS510SZ – Refurbished **90-day warranty**



Refurbished **90-day warranty**

SKU: 54372-03-R

MPN: BB54372


UPC: 796299619947

Manufacturer: Balboa® Water Group®

Warranty: by manufacturer

Presenting the VS510SZ Chip, designed for compatibility with Digital Duplex and Lite Duplex topside control keypads, along with its comprehensive product specifications:

*All circuit boards will require correct board voltage install, and component voltage set-up by moving the component wires on the board, in addition to setting dipswitches correctly. Some configuration on the topside may also be required. Please reference the wiring schematics*


  • Chip Model: VS510SZ
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with Digital Duplex and Lite Duplex topside control keypads.

Product Specifications:

  • Connector: Equipped with an 8 Pin Phone Cable for easy connectivity.
  • Dimensions: Compact and space-saving with a size of 10.40″ x 4.90″ x 12.30″.
  • Pump Configuration:
  • Pump 1: Dual Speed
  • Pump 2: Single Speed
  • Pump 3 (Blower/Pump): Single Speed
  • Additional Features:
  • Ozonator/UVC
  • Light

Intended Use:

  • Specifically designed for VS510SZ/VS510SR Control Systems.
  • Compatible with Chip numbers VS510SZR1(x)/ VS510SZR2 / VS510SR1(x).
  • Replaces the following previous (discontinued) revisions: Balboa 54372, 54372-01, 54372-02.

Important Notes:

  • Circuit boards should not be ordered based on appearance alone, as similar-looking boards may have different software or chips. The chip number is the key identifier and can be located on a white sticker near the center of the circuit board.
  • Another helpful identifier is the five-digit number often present on most boards (5****).
  • Ensure that pumps do not exceed a 12 Amp rating each.
  • This chip utilizes the Expander Board 53544, 330029B-K for expanded functionality.
  • Please note that once a circuit board has been installed, it cannot be returned except for manufacturer’s warranty claims.



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