50804 Balboa® Standard Duplex Digital Circuit Board (NLA)


Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

MPN: 50804

Manufacturer Warranty: 1-year parts.

Discontinued: Limited quantities of 50804 Balboa® spa circuit board. New with warranty. Beware of reconditioned boards. Compatible with various topside control panels including the following:

  • 50798
  • 50799

The Balboa 50768 circuit board is used in: (note the last digit or letter is the revision number shown in the list as “*”)

This Balboa spa circuit board is also listed under following:

  • 200R1A
  • 200R1B
  • 200R1C
  • 21014
  • 50804
  • 611312
  • 9710-08
  • B24DGR1C
  • D24R1A
  • Q1043R1A
  • SAR200R
  • ZX1000R1B
Aquatic Spas 6400R1*
Coleman Spas 200R1*

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