2500-230 Jacuzzi® O-ring (J-Pump K-Pump) 5.475″ I.D. x 0.210″



SKU: 2500-230

MPN: O-547B50

Model: N/A


Manufacturer: Jacuzzi® Spas

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer


  • J-Pump, K-Pump
  • O- Ring
  • Silicone

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5-15/16″ x 3/16”

Jacuzzi® Spa O-ring 5.475″ I.D. x 0.210″ (J-Pump, K-Pump).

Note: This high-grade silicone O-ring is durable and resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals. Used in 120V J Pump, 240V K Pump, and 240V J Pump parts. Offers superior performance, reliability, and long-term protection for your Jacuzzi® spa.

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