Replacing an M-Drive Upper Control Panel

Turn off power at the GFCI before beginning this repair procedure. You will also need to remove the front equipment door so you can see the box which houses the circuit board.

Step 1:

An M-Drive Upper Control Panel looks like this.

Step 2:

Lay an old towel over the M-Drive to protect the spa shell during this step. Using a large flat head screwdriver, and starting at the center of the panel, slide the blade under the M-Drive panel.

Lift up to break the silicone seal below. Move the blade and continue doing this until the panel loosens. Try to avoid placing the screwdriver where it contacts the shell as it raises up around the ends of the panel. If you push the screwdriver down, you will put indentations in your spa shell, or maybe even crack it.

Remember to always lift up on the screwdriver during this step.
When it feels like the panel is beginning to loosen, continue prying the rest of the panel. Be patient, this can take a few minutes.

Step 3:

When you have broken the adhesive seal, separate the M-Drive Panel from the spa shell.

Step 4:

Follow the cord from the M-Drive Panel and find where it plugs onto the printed circuit board. Remember where it is, and how it is plugged in.

Now, unplug it. Feed the end of the cord and connector out of the equipment box.

Step 5:

Tie a piece of 4’ sturdy string just below the connector.

Step 6:

From the top of the spa, begin to pull on the cord, and then the string; to remove the cord and connector.

Step 7:

Using a large flathead screwdriver, remove as much silicone from the spa shell as possible. Do this slowly and carefully, to avoid scratching the spa shell in areas that may be visible after installing the new panel.

Step 8:

Using your new M-Drive Panel assembly, plug the connectors directly onto the circuit board. Turn on the GFCI so the spa will start. It is safe to hold the panel in your hand as you test the buttons to insure your new M-Drive works properly.

Step 9:

When you’re satisfied your new panel operates correctly, turn off power at the GFCI and unplug the connector from the circuit board. Untie your string from the old panel, and tie the string just below the connector on your new panel.

Step 10:

Carefully pull on the string and feed the cord and connector down through the spa body. Replace the connectors back to their original position on the circuit board.

Step 11:

Remove the paper liner as shown.

Step 12:

Apply silicone as shown in this picture. If you can’t see the pattern well on this instruction sheet, look at the color version on our website:
Then click: –> Do-It Yourself
–> Upper Controls
–> Installing a New M-Drive

Step 13:

Hold the panel at the angle shown and fill the hole with more silicone where the cord goes into the shell.

Step 14:

Carefully position your new M-Drive Panel and press into place.

Step 15:

Remove the plastic cover over the display panel.
Fold a business card lengthwise and slide the crease along the panel to remove excess silicone. Use your wet index finger to smooth any small amounts of silicone so the area looks clean and new.
The silicone takes 48 to 72 hours to cure. Using a few tennis balls, or a short piece of 2 x 4 wood, prop up the cover near the M-Drive Panel to help the curing process.

Step 16:

Turn the power back on at the GFCI to confirm the panel is operating correctly again. Replace the front equipment door and program the “Time of Day” and other functions