How to Replace a Hot Tub Upper Control Panel

This instruction sheet shows an upper control panel used on most Dimension One Spas from 1998 to 2006. The procedure is the same for most panels even if your shape is different. If you have an M-Drive Upper Control Panel (8000-D19), please use that instruction sheet as some of the steps are different.

Step 1:

Turn off power at the GFCI before beginning this repair procedure.

Step 2:

Slide a plastic spatula around the perimeter of the panel to break the silicone mounting seal.

Step 3:

If the panel does not lift easily after using the spatula, try lifting in several places with large flathead screwdriver. A towel between the shell and screwdriver will help prevent dents and scratches.

Step 4:

Lift the panel from its installation area.

Step 5:

With the power turned off at the GFCI, locate and unplug the Upper Control connector from the PC Board. The location of the connector may vary from spa to spa.

Step 6:

Plug in the new Upper control Panel and carefully turn on the power again. The spa should begin its start-up cycle. If so, turn off the power again and unplug the new unit.

Step 7:

Feed the cable from the currently installed upper control up through the spa and remove the old panel.

Step 8:

Using your spatula again, remove the old silicone around the panel trough. This installation area needs to be clean for the new panel to seal and prevent dripping into the lower control area.

Step 9:

Feed the new connector through the installation hole. (Some controls have a protective cap over the connector. Put it back on now so the connector is not damaged as it travels through the channel).

Step 10:

If the connector does not easily slide through the hole, feed a bent hanger up from the bottom…

Step 11:

And hook the connector from above, slowly pulling it through.

Step 12:

Remove the paper liner from the back of the new Upper Control Panel.

Step 13:

Apply a large bead of silicone, about 3/8” diameter, completely around the new panel.

Step 14:

Press the new panel in place and re-connect the cable to the PC Board.

Step 15:

Press the panel firmly in place to create a new seal. Wipe any excess silicone away with a clean cloth.

Step 16:

Turn the power on at the GFCI and be sure the start-up cycle begins again. Replace the electrical can and door panels.

Step 17:

Place a short 2 x 4” piece of wood between the spa cover and shell near the newly installed Upper Control Panel. Leave it there for about 24 hours. This will allow the silicone seal to cure quicker without losing too much heat from your spa.