Diagnosing a Hot Tub “Low Flow Error”

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Why doesn’t my spa heat?” Sometimes a “Low Flow Error” message is associated with this condition. This brochure will show a few simple ways you can try to remedy this problem on your own.

Step 1:

The water level should be in about the middle of the tile line. If you do not have tile, then it should be six inches from the top. Water that is too high or low will reduce flow through the heater and prevent it from turning on. .

Step 2:

Old or dirty filters can also affect water flow. Clean the filters with a garden hose.

Before reinstalling the filters check the control panel again. If the “Low Flow Error” message has gone away, you have either dirty or old filters.

If the flow message comes back after reinstalling your filters, they must be replaced.

Step 3:

If cleaning the filters did not solve the problem, look at the bottom of the spa for a normal steady stream of air bubbles. This indicates a properly operating circulation pump.

If there are no bubbles and you just refilled your spa, go to the “DIY” section of our website and try “Immediately Purge an Air Lock in Your Circulation Pump.”

Note: A flow of bubbles that cycle on/off at approximately 8 second intervals indicate a defective flow switch that must be replaced. Give us a call so we can double check your diagnosis and ship you the correct flow switch for your spa.

Step 4:

If you are not having an air lock problem, put your hand on the red or blue middle section of the circulation pump located in the equipment area. If you can’t touch this section for 8 seconds, the pump has burned out and must be replaced. (Pumps with a black plastic middle section will not show this “hot to the touch” condition.)

If you still see the “Low Flow Error” message, give us a call and we will walk you through a few more troubleshooting tips.