56297 Balboa® Circuit Board VS100Control Systems 120 volts



SKU: 56297

MPN: 56297

Model: VS100


Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Warranty: 1 yr. with manufacturer Balboa®

Water Group® Circuit board used on Balboa®  VS100, 120 Volts spa control systems.


  •  Chip Number: VS100C/VS100R1A
  • Digital Duplex

Product Specifications:

  • Cable: 8 Pin Phone style
  • 3 Wires (Hot, Hot, Ground)
  • 240VAC, 60HZ, 30Amps, Class A GFCI-protected service 40Amps
  • Cord Connected Class A GFCI Required
  • 3 Wires (Hot Neutral, Ground)
  • 115-120VAC, 60HZ, 12Amps, Circuit Breaker Rating 15Aamps

Alternate: 56299, 3-60-6032

Replaces: 952994

Note: Ensure you verify the chip number on your existing board. Keep in mind the crucial importance of not solely relying on the appearance of a circuit board when placing an order, as there are several boards that may appear similar but possess different software or chips.


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