53858 Balboa® Circuit Board EL8000M3 EL8000 Mach 3 (Replaces 52640)



SKU: 53858

MPN: 53858-04

Model: EL8000M3

UPC: 637509177591

Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group®

Warranty: 1 year with manufacturer

Product Description:

  • The product is a spa control system or circuit board designed for use with spa equipment. It features specific chips like the EL8000M3R1B and EL8000R1C Mach3. The control system is known as the 53857 M7 Control Systems and is part of the Balboa Controls System 55064-02, also referred to as EL8-EL8000M3-YCAH. The circuit board itself is labeled as Balboa EL8000, Mach 3, ML900, and it uses a Molex plug (53858-02).
  • This control system operates with Spa Sides 52654-01, which is a 12-button interface labeled ML900. It may also serve as an alternative for Master Spa proprietary circuit board P/N X801070. The board number for this product is 53858, which is the same as 53858-03 and 53858-04. It comes with heater cables (48-0023).
  • The base panels are identified as ML900 (MPN: 52654), and the base PCBA is labeled as 53858-01. The PCB itself is EL8000 (MPN: 22041 Rev. A), and the entire system has an MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) of 55064-01 with a system model of EL8-EL8000M3-YCAH. The system is designed for 5.5kW power.

Replaces: 52640, 52888-01, 53858-03, 9710-105, EL8000 Mach2, EL8000R1A


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