Making Your Own Door or Side Panel

Dimension One Spas began transitioning from wood to synthetic cabinets in about 2002. It took a few years to complete the transition, but they no longer offer wood pieces for repair or replacement. Since many wood spas continue to operate, you may need to make your own replacement door or side panels. The process is the same so I’m showing how to make a door for a 2000 Diplomat.

Step 1.

Prior to heading to the store, I took measurements of the length and width of the door I was replacing.

¼” plywood is about the thickest you can use and still slide the panel under the spa shell for a good fit. (Anything thicker and you may need a dado blade to trim off some the back side of the panel.)

Find the available pattern you like best.

Step 2.

Home Depot has this monster saw in the back of the wood department and they trimmed the panel to size at no extra charge.

Step 3

Lay the old door on the new one and use the existing screw holes as a guide to drill new ones. Start with a ¼” drill bit, but don’t be surprised if you have to make them larger when the time comes to install the door.

Step 4

I took a sample chip of paint to my local paint store and they matched it for me. Be sure to paint the face and edges of the panel too.

Step 5

Insert a long nail in the top 2 screw holes, and the bottom middle one too. This allows you to mate the door and installation holes easier than with the screws.

Now you can insert the door screws in their correct places, and you’ll have the ability to adjust the door slightly if required. (Enlarge the holes you drilled earlier if necessary.) Install each screw about 1/2 of the way. When they are all in place, go back and complete the installation process.

Step 6

Here are two examples of home made doors.