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Easy Spa Parts – Hinge Protector

Hinge-ProtectorToday, I want to talk to you about your spa cover, more specifically your hinge protector. Your what, you say?

We are proud to introduce a new feature found only on Easy Spa Parts covers; the Hinge Protector.

As you know, because the hinge is used every time your cover is opened, it tends to be one of the first things to wear out. All spa covers from Easy Spa Parts already include a full length heat seal to prevent heat loss through the hinge.

Over time, an EZ Lifter bar, or just plain wear and tear, can cause the top of the hinge to tear and allow rain water in from the top. We’ve designed a 9″ Hinge Protector to help extend the life of your cover. This strip of vinyl is sewn over the length of the hinge to help protect the fold from ice and snow too.

Phil Sandner